Canadian 3D Horror Comes Home

Four words you don't often hear together: 3D Canadian horror movie. But such a film exists. It's called The Mask (no relation to a certain Jim Carrey flick), it came out in 1961, and now it's coming to DVD in its original 3D format.

Video Dread Exclusive: Brutal Massacre Cast & Crew

I know this is a bit late, had some technical issues our editor had to deal with, but finally we can present to you the cast & crew interviews for Brutal Massacre: A Comedy (review)! We chat up David Naughton, Gunnar Hansen, Brian O’Halloran and more! Dig it below!

DVD & Blu-Ray Specs for RE: Degeneration

In a move that has started to heal the anguish Paul W.S. Anderson left with all his Resident Evil silliness, Capcom and Sony Home Entertainment are making it all better by giving us a true RE movie! Degeneration reunites Claire and Leon in a battle against more t-virus infected deadies inside an airport.

Lots of 100 Feet Goodies!

Those crazy bastards over at Arrow in the Head apparently don’t think a new trailer and poster are good enough for you guys. No, instead they got two new posters and a slew of trailers for Eric Red’s upcoming feature 100 Feet.

New Art & Trailer for Shiver

Dark Sky Films has released the final DVD art (on your right) and a brand-new trailer (linked below) for Isidro Ortiz’s Shiver, which they will be releasing on October 28th, 2008.

Perkins Updates on Darkness, Evil

Prolific indie actor Lee Perkins (Katiebird: Certifiable Crazy Person) sent us an update this morning on a couple of his horror projects, and since he’s a cool guy and you all are cool readers, I thought it only right to share.

Exclusive: Jeffrey Combs Talks Dark House, Parasomnia & More!

During the recent Monster Mania convention in Cherry Hill, NJ (full report here), I took some time out to sit down with Jeffrey Combs, one of the most beloved and hardest working genre actors in the scene.

Exclusive: New Look at Evil Ernie Creator's Directorial Debut!

After a little bit of digging, the sick geniuses behind Netherbeast Incorporated (review), The Ronalds Brothers, have just handed me another scoop of dirt and this time it’s straight from The Graves!

Poltergeist Redux Nabs Helmer?

Well, it sounds like the new Poltergeist is very close to having itself a new director: House of Sand & Fog helmer Vadim Perelman, or so reports the folks at THR this morning.

Final Slate of Fantastic Fest Titles!

The folks behind Fantastic Fest, Austin, Texas’ most badass of badass film festivals, announced their lineup of films for this year’s event, which goes down September 18th-25th. The final group of films (that they can talk about...) will include:

First Official Repo! Newsletter Hits the Net!

Big happenings over on the official Repo! site, but rather than wax on about it ourselves, let's let the Repo Men do the talking!

Fear Fest 3 Rescheduled

Pit of Horror and Dread Central regretfully announce that, due to unforeseen circumstances Fear Fest 3 is being rescheduled to February 20th-22nd, 2009. Thank you to everyone who was planning to attend and we apologize for any inconvenience. We will update everyone on the NEW and IMPROVED guest list as it solidifies.

Repo's Lament

The horror genre has always been maligned by the mainstream. For as long as I can remember, the general public has frowned upon not only horror movies but also games, TV programs, books, you name it. As a result the horror community has remained small and extremely tight-knit.

Boll's Stoic Teaser

Back in May of this year, we all found out about two new projects from B-Movie master Uwe Boll. Stoic, a story of two cellmates who brutalize the third then cover up the crime, now has a teaser trailer out there. We picked it up and embedded it!

Trailer & Poster for Passengers

It’s disconcerting when a film’s made these days with even a hint of horror about them that we don’t hear about until the 11th hour.