Rest Stop 2 Art Revealed

The folks over at DVD Active got a look at the disc art for the next title in Warner Bros.’ Raw Feed line, Rest Stop: Don’t Look Back.

Dinner for Fiends: Breaking Wind

You hated it, we hated it, and now we can all come together and celebrate the badness that was The Happening (review) the only way we know how; with our throats! Wait, that sounds wrong...

How You Can Help Midnight Meat Train

The other day we got an e-mail from a fan by the name of “Meat Lover” (doubtful that’s his Christian name…) with a call to rally behind Midnight Meat Train (review) in the hopes that Lionsgate will listen to the fans, for once, and give it a bigger release than its planned 100 theater dumping.

Cohen's Latest Mummy Update

Our man Hunter just pointed out that director Rob Cohen’s updated his ongoing Mummy 3 blog with a status on the film, which is due to hit theaters August 1st. Believe it or not, everything has to be done on the film, at least on his end by July 3rd, but it’s not quite there yet.

Universal Answers Last Call

Uni has snapped up the rights to the Oni Press graphic novel series The Last Call, with Barry Josephson on board to produce the film version, according to Variety.

The Scream Factory at Wizard World Chicago

You have just got to love the convention circuit. There's so much to do, so much to see, and so much cool shit to buy it's usually our wallets that end up in agony. My credit cards are still burning from the days of Chiller gone by!

AVP Redemption?

Why is it that the majority of Alien/Predator fan films have been more satisfying than those godawful AVP abortions from Fox? To further illustrate this point, a teaser has just popped up on YouTube for a short fan film currently in production, appropriately titled AVP: Redemption. The clip is composed mostly of FX test shots on green screens, but looks better than both AVP movies combined...

Killer Vlog Online

We got a heads-up today from Chris White, the director of David, who’s serving producing duties on the Twisted Pictures web series Vlog. He let us know that a new episode of the show has surfaced on Break, and promised us kills. You know how we feel about kills! Check it out below!

NECA's GoW Series 2 Revealed!

Gears of War just won't slow down. A movie is on the way, a sequel to the game is due out later this year and amount of toys that can be made from the franchise seems endless. If only there was a way to stop 5 year olds from playing Gears online with mics on...

Happening, The (2008)

Anaphylaxis stasis! Discuss Rick's twisted mind in the Dread Central forums!

Satanic Panic Wraps, New Pics!

Yesterday we got a heads up from the sick minds behind Satanic Panic that the film has finally wrapped, overcoming nature’s attempt to cut the production short via the use of rain. We also received some brand-new pics from the film, which you can check out below.

Dreadtime Stories: Sarah Langan's The Lost

New York-based author Sarah Langan’s not been at this whole horror writing biz for very long, but already she’s made quite an impression with her first novel, The Keeper, which Cemetery Dance said ”cuts like a knife and then pours salt in the wound." and its sequel The Missing, which won the 2007 Bram Stoker award for Outstanding novel.

First Look at The Descent 2

Yep, that’s the first look at a crawler from The Descent 2, the much-maligned sequel that’s coming our way whether we like it or not. Shooting just recently wrapped in London on the follow-up, and Fango got the first pic of one of the new crawlers. Which looks remarkably similar to the old crawlers...

Banned Teeth Poster!

Though Teeth (DVD review) is already out Stateside, Momentum Pictures are just getting ready to release it in the UK this Friday, and apparently their marketing department have some sicker minds than those of us here do.

Shock Festival Week 5 Winner Announced!

After taking much-deserved a week off, Stephen Romano has chosen a new winner in our ongoing Shock Festival contest, and he’s got some major updates for you guys, as well. Dig it!