Ratner to Escape?

All right, I was thoroughly annoyed enough by this rumor being posted all over the place that I had but two choices; ignore it or post it myself. For the benefit of you, dear reader, I chose the latter.

Hatchet Army Marches On

The Hatchet Army was always about more than just supporting Adam Green's old school style slasher hit. The main premise behind the movement is to send Hollywood a message -- horror cinema has a voice.

A New Line for Plucker's Spirit

Ever wonder what happens to all the toys you push to the corner or under your bed? Lost and forgotten these play things might just sit and gather dust in most cases, but sometimes strange things happe

Exclusive: Black Devil Doll Trailer!!!

Aw shit, son! You knew it was only a matter of time, befo' a brutha got ta put up a trailer, yo! Holy shit. That's just about all I can say. Click on the badass image below and strap yourself in for the first look at one of the raunchiest afrocentric trips you'll ever take -- The Shit-Ass-Nasty-Bad BLACK DEVIL DOLL trailer!! And while you're there visit the store and buy something you cheap fuck!

Securing the P2 Trailer

Security guards need lovin' too. It's gotta get lonely sitting in some small office watching monitors all day and no one gives you the respect you deserve. You keep these people safe! Well, at least y

Rooting Up Hogzilla's Trailer

Oh, the glory of living in a world with two Hogzilla movies... I'd initially reported on Legend of Hogzilla, the "official" Hogzilla horror movie that features input from the man who brought down t

Exclusive Frostbitten Clip!

Though some won’t agree with me, and will be sufficiently punished for it, I happened to like the Swedish vampire flick Frostbitten quite a bit. Or should I say quite a bite? No, bit is right. Rea

Sweeney Todd Trailer!

Yahoo! Movies continues their love affair with Tim Burton with the official Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street trailer. Just as Burton continues his love affair with Johnny Depp and Helena

Halloween, Happy Tree Friends Style

I don’t know about you, but nothing says “Halloween” to me like the slaughter of innocent cartoon animals. The cuter the better. Thankfully the folks behind Happy Tree Friends feel the same way an

Another 100 Feet Update

As is usually the case when a film is done shooting and deep in the throes of post production, all has been quiet on the front of Eric Red’s return to directing, 100 Feet. But have no fear, it’s a

Exclusive: Effects Man Talks I Sell the Dead!

While on the set of Plague Town over the weekend (read my set visit preview here), I got a chance to chat with makeup effects man Brian Spears, who during our conversation made mention of another film he worked on recently that I couldn’t help but pick his

Polley Joins Splice

The news that Adrian Brody has signed on for Vincenzo (Cube) Natali’s Splice is not really news, as we told you about it weeks ago (“Brody to Splice” – September 2007). However, he now has a lovely fe

Rodriguez Gets Fragile

You may have never seen anything Eduardo Sanchez has done yet, but that’s because he’s only helmed one movie that’s apparently having a bitch of a time getting released here in the states. Said m

Hellraiser Remake Finds Directors?

It's been a long while since last we heard about the possibility of a remake of the Clive Barker classic, Hellraiser. As a result we all breathed a sigh of relief that maybe someone wouldn't be tinker

Echo Poster Found

Yam Laranas is remaking his own movie, The Echo, for Vertigo Entertainment and it looks like the film might be done sooner than we thought. The folks at Upcoming Horror Movies stumbled upon a teas