Barker Responds to Meat Train Release

It’s been awfully quiet from the Clive Barker camp on Lionsgate’s decision to put Midnight Meat Train (review), the first of many planned adaptations of Barker’s Books of Blood stories, into second-run dollar theaters instead of giving it a real theatrical release.

Maple Nabs Pontypool

Canada’s very own Maple Pictures has nabbed the rights to Bruce McDonald’s Pontypool, jumping on the bizarre zombie tale before its premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival, according to a report in this morning's Variety.

Exclusive: Embodiment of Evil Premiere Report!

Heaven and Coffin Joe do not mix. But if there is a heaven for Coffin Joe fans, I just experienced it. I was privileged to attend the premiere of Encarnação do Demônio (The Embodiment of Evil), August 5 in São Paulo, Brazil.

Exclusive: First Look at Perkins' 14!

A very cool surprise showed up in our inbox a few minutes ago: the first look at Craig Singer’s Perkins' 14, the first film to be made utilizing all the wondrous tools of our interwebs.

Zombies & Scarecrows in Erie! Oh My!

Whatcha doing September 13th if you're in the Erie Pennsylvania area? I'll tell you what -- you're gonna dress up like a ghoul and shamble for charity that's what! Greg Ropp of the Eerie Horror Festival dropped us a line with the skinny on the frightful event:

The Weekly Wrap-Up: August 16-22, 2008

Here it is the third week of August, and it's obvious we're solidly in the middle of the dog days of summer. Not that it's especially hot where I am, but from the slow influx of news over the period from August 16-22, 2008, anyone can see that it's a stagnant time in Hollywood and the rest of the horror community.

Finally! Dark Night of the Scarecrow DVD!

Now here's some truly great news. Deadpit.com's "Creepy Kentuckian" is reporting that the classic (and largely unseen by today's audiences) 1981 made-for-TV fright flick Dark Night of the Scarecrow is at long last getting the DVD treatment. About damn time!

Anchor Bay Takes Us to Dead Space

In this part of space ... everyone will hear you scream! That's because after you've had your nerves shattered while playing the upcoming survival horror game, Dead Space, you can pop in the companion film and see how your tale started! Just think -- you'll be able to experience hours of intergalactic fright without ever having to leave your couch!

American Horrors Teams with Puppet Master Creator!

We just got word in that American Horrors, a TV show that will feature indie horror flicks, has brought on board Puppet Master creator Ken Hall and his newest film The Halfway House. The Halfway House, a story about a Catholic high school gone wrong, is just one of the films American Horrors had under its belt and you can be a part of it too! They are looking for more films to add to the collection, so click here and get to submittin' already!

Two More From Dark Castle

If you’re like most horror fans, I’m sure the first thing you said when you finished watching Return to House on Haunted Hill was “goddamn, we need another one of these!” Well fear not, for Dark Castle has heard your cries!

Moore Wants Wahlberg for Virulents

John Moore, the director who showed up with an almost shot-for-shot remake of The Omen a few years back before going on to (possibly) redeeming himself with a badass Max Payne film, thinks we’re all being way too serious these days.

Outlander DVD Landing in November

Despite an impassioned plea by AICN's Moriarty several weeks back for Harvey Weinstein to give Howard McCain's vikings vs. an alien creature feature Outlander a wide theatrical release it looks likes that plea fell on deaf ears (or should I say deaf eyes?) and the film will be getting dumped onto DVD in November.

In Loving Memory of Filmmaker Joseph Dodge

Every filmmaker, no matter how small, leaves behind a legacy. The same goes for indie writer/director Joseph Dodge, who tragically passed away this week in his hometown of Detroit, Michigan.

Buy a Lancer, Get Gears of War 2 Free?!

Like a lot of other 360 owners out there, I love Gears of War. The game was violent, beautiful and featured a gun called the Lancer with a Goddamn chainsaw attached! Where can I get me one of those?

Cthulhu Rampages Across America!

David, a reader with some sharp eyes, pointed out to us that the official website for Dan Gildark's popular Cthulhu (review) is going to be playing throughout a good portion of the U.S. this month and next. According to Cthulhu's official site, the film will be hitting both coasts and a couple spots in between... 09/26/08 - Denver, CO Starz FilmCenter