Horror Business Helmer Gets Cottonmouth

Seems like it’s been a long time since a filmmaker has taken up the task of bringing one of the horror tales of Swamp Thing creator Steve Bissette to the screen. Thankfully Horror Business (review) director Christopher Garetano has taken up the gauntlet and is using it for way more than just a new film.

Repo Soundtrack Next Week!

Hey, did you know the official Repo! The Genetic Opera CD is in stores next week? Of course you did cause we told you about it, and I’m sure you put it on your calendar ... right?

New Splinter Podcast

While you patiently await Magnet’s October 31st release date for Toby Wilkin’s Splinter, I know you’re just itching to learn more about the movie and what went into making it. Know how I know? Cause the movie kicks ass and you like things that kick ass! Why else would you be here?

I Sell the Dead Full Trailer Online!

The freaks over at Fangoria managed to get the first look at the full trailer for Glenn McQuaid’s I Sell the Dead, the upcoming period graverobbing/zombie film coming our way from Glass Eye Pix. Ron Perlman, Dominic Monaghan, Angus Scrimm and Larrry Fessenden all star in it, and man does it ever look cool; dig it right here!

Repo! Road Trip Cities, New Pics!

I have to be honest; when the Repo! Road Tour was first announced, I had hoped there would be a few more stops on it than this ... but that’s what you get for hoping, I guess.

Day & Date for Mum & Dad

The whole "day-and-date" concept has always sounded a bit strange to me, to be honest. Releasing a film in theaters, on DVD, and on VOD the same day doesn’t really make a lot of sense, does it? Where’s the motivation to get butts in seats if they can just head to Best Buy and enjoy the film in the privacy of their homes? Though I guess if it’ll work anywhere, it’ll work in horror.

Massify Launches Perkins' 14 Poster Contest!

Keeping the power in the hands of online horror fans ... hey, that rhymes and sure would make a damn good slogan for Massify, the production house that developed and cast Perkins’ 14, one of next year’s 8 Films to Die For, exclusively online. Now they’re keeping the tradition alive by giving fans the chance to create the Perkins’ 14 poster!

Shark in Venice Trailer is Here!

The fine folks who gave us Shark Attack, Shark Attack 2, Shark Attack 3: Megalodon, Shark Zone, and Raging Sharks are now giving us Shark in Venice, a motion picture that combines the absurd notion of a huge man-eating shark prowling the polluted waters of the Venice canals with the even more absurd notion that people want to watch movies starring Stephen Baldwin.

Tonner Announces Twilight Figure License

All you vamp-loving Twilight fans got yet more good news today about pretty, brooding vampires you can take home and call your very own! That’s right, the inevitable has happened: The toy license for Twilight has been picked up and is being moved on!

Green & Lynch's Road to FrightFest Returns!

Just when you thought you were done laughing at the antics of those wacky bastards Joe Lynch and Adam Green, another entry in their “Road to FrightFest” appears! Just move your clicky thing over the arrow thing on the box thing below to take a deep lungful of episode 3! Fore more info and to check out the older episodes, head on over to the Ariescope website and hit "play".

ModernCine Looking at Skipp's Long Last Call?

We just got a heads up from the sickos over at FearsMag that the folks at ModernCine, the production house responsible for Headspace, The Girl Next Door and the upcoming Ketchum adaptation Offspring, are in talk

Hammer Films Begins Shooting Wake Wood

Principal photography commences today on Hammer Films’ first foray into making an original feature-length horror film since 1976’s To the Devil a Daughter (Beyond the Rave doesn’t count as it was made for the internet), the British studio announced.

Exclusive FX Shots & Comments on The Echo Game!

This morning we received yet more shots from Brian Feeney’s upcoming directorial debut, The Echo Game, this batch focusing on some of the effects behind the film, and producer Asa Shumska-Tait talked with us a bit about their approach to the f

DVD Release List: Bloodsucking Pathology

All right, since the feedback was more or less positive as to my new way of doing the DVD list, with some exceptions of course, I will be trying it again this week and hoping you guys will eventually come to love its simplicity as much as I do!

AvP Dead, Predator Lives On?

Now this sure would be a strange turn of events. Honestly, if any franchise lived on after the Alien vs. Predator films were done, I would have guessed it’d be Aliens, mainly because it's been around for so long. According to producer John Davis, however, it’s Predator.