Scream Awards 2007 Clips!

We just got a host of clips from the folks behind this year’s Scream TV awards (report here) that showcase some of the highlights of the show. The show will air tomorrow night, October 23rd on Spike TV at 10PM E/7PM P, so don’t miss it! Harrison Ford

Wizard of Gore Goes Extreme

Fangoria are bringers of the good news that Dimension Exteme, who to date have release Black Sheep and Buried Alive here in the states, have picked up the home video rights for Jeremey Kasten’s Wizard of Gore remake (review).

New Long Weekend Cast

Though we still have not heard anything official about how good or bad Jamie Blanks’ latest horror offering, Storm Warning is (Kasch missed it at Screamfest), I can’t help but look forward to the Aussies take on the nature strikes back thriller Long Weekend.

Jourgensen to Score Wicked Lake

Fever Dreams announced today that production has officially started (again) on Wicked Lake, the latest from producer Chris Sivertson (The Lost, I Know Who Killed Me) that we heard last month was "officially" starting ("Wicked Lake Rolls" – September 2007).

Event Report: Rock and Shock 2007!

DVD Releases: Hostile Tripper

Check out the horror DVD offerings for Tuesday, October 23rd, 2007... Apartment 1303 (2007) Directed by Ataru Oikawa

New Mist, Sweeney Todd Trailers

All right, one is more anticipated than the other, but it’s still cool to see new footage from both, no?

New Daybreakers Info, Pics Surface!

It’s just a vampire kind of world out there today, you know? First 30 Days of Night comes out of the gate screaming to a number one box office spot, now all of a sudden there’s a wealth of new info about The Spierig Brother’s latest, Daybreakers.

Content Joins a Daisy Chain

Content Film has officially scooped up rights to the oddly named supernatural thriller Daisy Chain, to be helmed by genre newcomer Aisling Walsh. Samantha Morton (pictured, Minority Report) and Steven Mackintosh (Underworld: Evolution) are signed on to star according to Daily Variety.

Night Wins the Day

Ah, it’s good to be right! Sony’s 30 Days of Night officially owned the weekend box office with a somewhat strong $16 million debut, easily beating out the Ben Affleck thriller Gone Baby Gone and other cinematic head-scratchers like Why Did I Get Married?

Resident Evil in Plastic Overdrive

Action-figure.com, my home away from home, scooped my ass on the plastic horrors this weekend with news of new Hot Toys 12 inch figures for Resident Evil 4: Biohazard. For those unfamiliar with the game, here's the skinny...

Event Report: Spike TV's Scream Awards 2007

The second annual Spike TV Scream Awards marked a huge improvement over last year's show with severed limbs and gore spilling forth into the audience.

Child's Play Next on the Remake Block

Why remake Child’s Play? I mean, seriously, the first movie was pretty damn good, especially for a movie about a killer doll. According to producer David Kirschner, ”We’re going back and remaking the first one and even pushing it further and making a very terrifying version of the first one, which is pretty scary as it is.”

Behind the Scenes of Repo!

Apparently things are looking very good for Darren Lynn Bousman’s long-awaited musical, Repo! The Genetic Opera, as anyone who’s seen anything from it has been, quite simply, blown away. So perhaps you’ll dig on the five behind-the-scenes clips that appeared on YouTube this weekend? Sure you will! Check ‘em out now before they’re taken down forever!

Follow The Signal to LA Tonight!

All right, this might be really late notice, but if you’re on the West Coast, you still have a few hours to make sure you make it right!