Green & Lynch's Road to FrightFest Returns!

Just when you thought you were done laughing at the antics of those wacky bastards Joe Lynch and Adam Green, another entry in their “Road to FrightFest” appears! Just move your clicky thing over the arrow thing on the box thing below to take a deep lungful of episode 3! Fore more info and to check out the older episodes, head on over to the Ariescope website and hit "play".

ModernCine Looking at Skipp's Long Last Call?

We just got a heads up from the sickos over at FearsMag that the folks at ModernCine, the production house responsible for Headspace, The Girl Next Door and the upcoming Ketchum adaptation Offspring, are in talk

Hammer Films Begins Shooting Wake Wood

Principal photography commences today on Hammer Films’ first foray into making an original feature-length horror film since 1976’s To the Devil a Daughter (Beyond the Rave doesn’t count as it was made for the internet), the British studio announced.

Exclusive FX Shots & Comments on The Echo Game!

This morning we received yet more shots from Brian Feeney’s upcoming directorial debut, The Echo Game, this batch focusing on some of the effects behind the film, and producer Asa Shumska-Tait talked with us a bit about their approach to the f

DVD Release List: Bloodsucking Pathology

All right, since the feedback was more or less positive as to my new way of doing the DVD list, with some exceptions of course, I will be trying it again this week and hoping you guys will eventually come to love its simplicity as much as I do!

AvP Dead, Predator Lives On?

Now this sure would be a strange turn of events. Honestly, if any franchise lived on after the Alien vs. Predator films were done, I would have guessed it’d be Aliens, mainly because it's been around for so long. According to producer John Davis, however, it’s Predator.

Cage & Sena Reteam for Season of the Witch

Wow, Season of the Witch is back in the news. It finally sounds like it’s going to get made, but as with most things in Hollywood it is both blessing and a curse. A blessing because this script has been sitting in development hell for years; a curse because Nicolas Cage is now attached to star in it according to Variety.

Full Film Lineup for Screamfest 2008!

This October 10th-19th will see the return of Screamfest to LA’s Grauman’s Chinese 6 Theater, and we’ve been giving you bits and pieces on it since the festival first started compiling its schedule of horror films. Well, no more piecemeal; it's time for the entire feast!

More Names for Death Keeps Coming

It’s been a few months since we’ve heard anything about Derek K. Milton’s supernatural western Death Keeps Coming, and the other day reader “Jessica” dropped us a line with the heads up that some more casting took place shortly after our last piece on it that slipped past us.

The Weekly Wrap-Up: September 13-19, 2008

It's Street Scene weekend here in San Diego, which means this Woman is out dancing in the streets to an eclectic mix of music with an even more diverse crowd of people, so this Weekly Wrap-up for September 13-19, 2008, is going to be a tad abbreviated.

Massive Brainjacked Update!

We recently heard from our buddies Andy and Andrew of The Film Ranch, and they let us know that their most recenty feature, Brainjacked (set visit), is deep in post-production. What does that mean? Updates and hopefully videos will be popping up more frequently.

The Birds Barbie!

Just when you didn’t think you could see any weirder stuff on this here site, we slap you upside the head with Barbie! But she’s not just any Barbie, oh now; she’s a Tippi Hedren Barbie from Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds!

The Gate Sequel DOA

It’s been a few months since we’ve heard anything more about The Gate: 20 Years Later, the proposed sequel to the 1987 Tibor Takacs film about kids who open a gate to hell in their backyard. While months of silence are usually normal for a Hollywood production as things fall into place, the news is sadly not good for this particular sequel.

Start Date for Whedon's Cabin in the Woods

Well, it’s not a ton of new information, but at least we can keep Joss Whedon’s Cabin in the Woods close to the front of your brainpan again for a bit, right? Right!

Exclusive Igor Clip!

Igor is out in theaters right now, and hopefully you guys have read our review and will be getting out to see it this weekend. To encourage you even further, we managed to procure an exclusive clip which showcases the sense of humor of both the movie and its creators.