Transfusion Helmer Visits Area 52

Steven C. Miller is finally reaping the benefits all the high praise his first film, Automaton Transfusion (review), has created, signing on to direct the comic book adaptation Area 52 for Benderspink according to Daily Variety.

Connecticut's First Haunting

Where have all the good haunted house movies gone to? The Messengers was tame and full of holes; The Grudge was meh and I honestly cannot remember the last time residential ghosts gave me the shivers. It's not that some of us horror junkies have become desensitized ... there's just nothing good in the past year or two.

Legend Leaked

The second trailer for Will Smith's "last man on Earth" film I Am Legend was leaked earlier today to Worst Previews, but Warner Bros. announced that it was actually the international trailer and requested they remove it.

Fango Gets Repo'd

In the future we'll all be 50%-75% plastic. I know it. The bad part is, none of that cosmetic surgery we'll need to look like a million bucks will be cheap ... or free. So what happens when you've gotten a new face but can't pay the bill? The Repo Man comes a calling!

The Living Dead ... Sing?

Over the years we've seen a mix of good and bad come from George A. Romero's Night of the Living Dead being in the public domain. There have been great DVD releases and particularly bad ones. There have been fantastic remakes and even a 3D version that managed to entertain, but are the Living Dead ready to sing?

Exclusive: Saw Sequels NOT Back to Back!

Kasch just called in following a Saw IV press junket, and he got a bit of clarification about the next two sequels, namely Saw V & VI.

Pinhead on Hellraiser

We’ve heard from Clive about the Hellraiser remake, as well as the team behind it, Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo ("Hellraiser Remake Talk" – October 2007) but what about Pinhead himself?

Dinner for Fiends is Served!

Of course, a new horror movie is out in theaters and managed to take home first place at the box office, so we have to tear it apart as best we can. It’s just what we do. Myself, Uncle Creepy, Andrew Kasch and Paul Nomad got together over the weekend to discuss the ups and downs of 30 Days of Night, talk up a new indie film you should all see called Paranormal Activity and just generally bullshit about all that’s new and cool in horror.

A Qee For Charity

Normally I’m very against posting entire press releases here on the site, but since this one is something put together in-house, why bother explaining it any better when it’s already laid out quite well? Check out information on the Qeetastrophe Charity project below!

Wallace Helms Arcanum

Braveheart and Peal Harbor writer Randall Wallace is all set to make his next directorial effort on Arcanum, a project we’ve been waiting for more info on since it was announced a few months back ("Gold Circle Snaps up Arcanum" – June 2007), according to this morning's Hollywood Reporte

Fox to Show Off Jennifer's Body

The latest film to get snatched up by Fox Atomic is described as Heathers meets Beetlejuice. Personally? I’m sold!

Wilkins on for Third Grudge

Man, when are they going to just stop making Grudge movies already? How many times can the same story be told over and over and over again? At least once more...

Werewolves Attack Pioneer Theatre

When the wicked month of October draws to a close the werewolves will be on the prowl. Their keen senses will be drawn towards The Pioneer Theater where six of the greatest lycanthrope films will be gathered!

Three Saw IV Clips!

Not one, not two, but three clips from Saw IV are not residing over in Video Dread, and while I’d love to fill you head with my senseless ramblings about the latest sequel, in theaters this Friday, October 26th, I know you’re probably already watching them anyway, so why bother? Click here to start with the first Saw IV clip, "Walk Away"!

Autopsy Trailer Found

After a terrible accident, a young woman is told her boyfriend is being take to a hospital she’s never heard of before. She heads out to it anyway and discovers ... HORROR! Ahem.