Otis Goes to the Big Screen Thursday!

Otis (review), Tony Krantz's heart touching tale of a psychotic man named Otis and his quest for love ... and dismemberment ... will be hitting store shelves on June 10th, but you have a chance to see it on the big screen before that!

Fringe Trailer Found!

Now this is what I’m talking about! I knew JJ Abrams new show, "Fringe", would be something cool, but I didn’t hope it’d be as cool as this trailer makes it look. Arrow in the Head got their diseased hands on it today and we’re sharing it with you (we’ll wear gloves, though). Check it out below!

Death Note Getting the Remake Treatment

I guess it was inevitable that a remake of the popular Japanese film Death Note (review) would happen; even more inevitable that Vertigo Films would be involved. So color me unsurprised on all counts!

Shock Festival Week 4 Winner!

Steve Romano just turned in this week's winning entry in our ongoing Shock Festival contest and I gotta say; this is my favorite one so far!

Inside Duo Keep Halloween Alive?

Quick quiz; what's the very last thing you'd want Alexandre Bustillo & Julien Maury to follow-up Inside (DVD review) with now that they're off the Hellraiser remake? If you said Halloween 2, you'd be 100% correct!

DVD Releases: An Eye on Indie Bodies

A lot of sharks, too many indies and a classic horror/comedy await you come Tuesday, June 3rd, 2008. Behold...

Pizzaman is Serious Horror

Man, what a strange bit of news this is for a Monday morning; Mel Brooks is working on a serious horror movie.

Burton on Dark Shadows Film?

It's been almost a year since it was first announced that Johnny Depp was working on bringing the 1960's supernatural soap opera "Dark Shadows" to the big screen, and since that announcement all has been very quiet about the project.

New Wife for Terminator?

I don't get why one would miss out on the chance to play what could be an iconic character in a new franchise just so one could be in a French comedy. So I guess it's good I'm not Charlotte Gainsbourg, eh?

More Wake the Dead Movie Details

This morning's Variety confirmed a story we threw at you on Friday about a live-action adaptation of Steve Niles' Wake the Dead, peppering in a few more details that deemed it re-newsworthy.

More Madness From the Interwebs

GoochCamper sent these two our way: An oldie but goodie. Many of you have probably seen this clip before but it's too funny not to share.

Dreadtime Stories: Adrienne Barbeau's Vampyres of Hollywood Excerpt!

We've had a good list of authors for our Dreadtime Stories podcast series so far, but really I never expected we'd get one from the one and only Adrienne Barbeau! The former scream queen has turned into a full-fledged author with the publication of her first ficition novel, Vampyres of Hollywood (review), and she was kind enough to record a quick Dreadtime Story for us because, well, we're just that cool!

Promo Trailer for A Day of Violence!

A while back we gave you your first taste of an ultra-gory new indie being made called A Day of Violence. It looked pretty sick via the stills we pointed you towards but the Cannes promo trailer we just got a link to confirms just how malicious this puppy is.

Teaser Poster & Synopsis for Proyas' Knowing

I'm no fan of Nicolas Cage, everyone who reads the site on a consistent basis knows this, but I am a fan of The Crow and Dark City director Alex Proyas, so I will give him the benefit of the doubt for his latest film, Knowing, which Cage stars in. You gotta take the good with the bad, right?