The Da Vinci Code 2 Ghost Rider Rides Again

I was skeptical of even writing this article since I honestly don't believe a sequel to Ghost Rider (review) will ever actually see the light of day. But since Nic Cage insists on talking it up, even claiming he's spoken to the studio about returning for a sequel, I guess it's news-worthy.

*UPDATE*: Ghostbusters 3 a Go?!?

Never mind "rumors"; Variety reports that Columbia Pictures have hired "The Office" co-executive producers, Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky, to write a script for a third film designed to bring back together the original cast of Harold Ramis, Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, and Ernie Hudson.

It Came From the Internet Returns!

Wow, it’s been a long, long time since this sucker reared its ugly head our way. Finally we’ve found the time and clips that are worthy of your attention, so we’ve resurrected It Came From the Internet and now present you with the following bits of randomness from across the interwebs!

A Name for Lullaby Helmer

A nameless reader just dropped us a line with clarification on the story we did a few days back regarding a director being brought on board to adapt Chuck Palahniuk’s Lullaby. The source we got the original intel from didn’t know the director’s actual name, just how it sounded when spoken, but our scooper seems to have deciphered it.

Bob Burns' American Werewolf Restored!

Now this is the kind of news I just love reporting. Other than my overall adoration for all things horror, it's news like this that makes me happy to have the job I have, allowing me to share this kind of information with our community.

First Look at Werewolf Short Monstrous Nature!

Jason Cuadrado, the Los Angeles filmmaker who made one of the most impressive indie films I’ve seen in a long time, Tales From the Dead (review) dropped me a line last night with some exclusive pics from and news on his latest venture, the short film called “Monstrous Nature”.

New Imagery for French Horrors Mutants, Humains

New artwork came down today for two new French horror films that both seem more than worthy of us keeping an eye on.

Del Toro Booked for Next Nine Years

An article in this morning’s Variety lays out all the projects Guillermo del Toro is attached to between now and 2017(!). Aside from the five years he’s set aside for The Hobbit, Universal has some huge plans for his post-Tolkien work. Doesn’t look like he’ll be making any small, Pan’s Labyrinth-sized films anytime soon.

The Road to Hell Leads to Fantastic Fest

One new project that we've been keeping close tabs on is Albert Pyun's Road to Hell, an "unofficial" sequel to the 1984 Walter Hill classic Streets of Fire.

Fifth Film to Die For Announced

After Dark Film’s third annual Horrorfest has just added another film to its lineup, Phedon Papamichael’s From Within (review). The film is the story of a small town hit with a rash of suicides. One young girl begins to distrust everyone and believes she will be next.

See How The Cleavagefield Trailer Stacks Up

Cloverfield (review) remains one the most divisive films of 2008. Some loved it. Others hated it. But I think we can all agree while there were plenty of boobs on the screen (the characters, I mean), they weren't the sort of boobs we'd have preferred. Cleavagefield looks to correct that jiggly oversight.

Behind the Scenes of Halloween Horror Nights!

Nothing beats a hot girl in a Freddy Krueger outfit (maybe it's some Freudian thing), and we at Dread Central saw plenty of 'em when Universal Studios Hollywood held the casting call for "Freddy's Fly Girl Dancers" to kick off the festivities at this year's Halloween Horror Nights.

Frankenhooker Star Returns for The Eternal

We just got a heads-up from the guys behind The Eternal, the feature film version of the kick ass short “Ending the Eternal” that’s in pre-production now, that the first casting decision has been made; and it’s unexpected to say the least!

My Name is Bruce Poster & Dates!

Finally word has come down on when and where we’ll be able to experience My Name is Bruce, the long-awaited Bruce Campbell-helmed film in which Bruce Campbell plays Bruce Campbell, actor, sent to a town to defeat evil that’s much more real than the evil he’s used to dealing with.

Elizabeth Lucas Reels in the Red Hook

Word came down the wire today that filmmaker Elizabeth Lucas (director of the award-winning short "Isabella Rico") has decided to jump into our genre with a feature film called Red Hook.