Evil Dead Stays Dead For Now

Recently we had the opportunity to catch up with the mighty Sam Raimi and caught an interesting tidbit on the non-activity of the rumored Evil Dead remake.

How Did Fear Itself Do for Ratings?

Variety reported the sad news today that Fear Itself, the horror anthology we've been talking about since last year, didn't pull the kind of ratings we were really hoping for. The show lost out to CBS's "Swingtown," which also premiered on June 5th.

Shyamalan Site With a Twist?

Website developer Lightmaker announced today that they have created a site for writer/director M. Night Shyamalan, but it is not just any site. This webpage has a twist!

Teo's Journey to Dark OZ

We just got word from Quiet Earth's Don Neumann that a director has joined them to helm at least one of the planned three films based off the badass comic Dark OZ. The Gene Generation's own Pearry Reginald Teo will be stepping up to the plate for what we've been told will be a very Return to OZ and "steampunk" inspired adaptation.

Birch, Murphy & Blanchard Face Deadline

Is it wrong to be so attracted to Thora Birch? I mean really, really attracted? Not to the point of stalking or anything, but close ... I’ll take your silence to mean that no, it is not wrong. Moving on!

A Double Feature of Creature Feature Trailers

It was back in early February that I first reported on Reptisaurus, a low budget creature feature loosely based on an old Charlton Comics' comic book title from the early 1960's. The movie from director Chris Ray (son of Fred Olen Ray) and co-starring former TV "Buck Rogers" Gil Gerard tells the simple tale of a group of soldiers on an island that find themselves at the mercy of a flying reptilian monster.

Sandler Takes a Shortcut to Horror

I like that Adam Sandler is back from whatever weird hiatus he was on and making movies again. I know many find him annoying and obnoxious (I do as well most of the time), but his new flick looks like it has some potential, and now he’s making his way into our genre, a move that should be interesting to say the least.

Platinum, Vanguard Prep Illegal Aliens

Vanguard Animations and Platinum Studios have decided to join forces to form a new, multi-platform media group called Vanguard Comics, according to Variety. Their goal is to develop properties that can be launched as comics, graphic novels, and feature films, starting with the chupacabra story Illegal Aliens.

Three Mother of Tears Clips

Excited about the long awaited third entry in Argento's Three Mothers trilogy, Mother of Tears (review here)? We are too, and to get things cooking we have three clips for your viewing pleasure!

Smits to Join the Cast of Dexter

According to today's Hollywood Reporter, one of our readers' favorite TV shows will be getting a lift this fall in the form of charismatic actor Jimmy Smits.

The Box will Arive in 2009

Things have been pretty quiet regarding the Richard Kelly directed mystery known as The Box. We know that it has officially wrapped, but how long will it be until the film is shipped to the cinemas?

Signed Otis Swag Winners Announced!

Who doesn't love a good party? Come on, man! Powder blue suits! Disco balls! Chicks in chains being tortured by heavy-set guys who just wanna boogie! What more could you want? Oh yeah, signed mementos of your magical evening! We've got you covered!

Who Wants a Donkey Punch?

Yachts + drugs + sexy girls never equals a fun time. Trust me. You'd think everything would be fine, but there's always that one dude who has to screw it up for the rest of us and at least one person gets dumped overboard to meet Davey Jones.

Death Keeps Coming Out of the West!

Supernatural Westerns. You'd think there would be more of them, right? The West was a rough place with plenty of stories of death, murder and the like. So, why is it so underused except when Nic Cage needs to try out a new wig?

What the... Midnight Meat Train Moved Again?!

I am not really sure if Lionsgate is trying to derail one of their own films or what, but Midnight Meat Train (review) has been jerked around more times than I can count.