'Zine Review: Rue Morgue #73

Issue #73 November 2007 It’s really hard to follow up on something like Rue Morgue’s last issue, their 10th anniversary celebration as well as a focus on all things The Thing. But they don’t get a break for a few more months, so the best thing to do is focus on what could be the next best thing in horror; The Mist

D-VD War

If you saw Dragon Wars and thought it was absolute garbage with zero redeeming values, filmmaking at its crappiest, you would be correct. But if you are like me and found the film to be a lot of fun in the same vein as a 1970's era Godzilla flick, then you would also be correct. It is indeed both; a modern day Godzilla vs.

Whisper Gets Louder

It looks like the creepy kid fad isn't going to die yet, but maybe the little bastards will actually get better with age ... and direct-to-video releases.

Biehn Joins Malevolence Prequel!

Though a lot of you out there may not have nabbed Steven Mena’s Malevolence (review) when it came out a few years back, you’ve got a damn good reason to check out its prequel, Malevolence 2: Bereavement, when it comes out sometime next year. What reason would that be, you ask? Michael freakin’ Biehn.

DVD Releases: Post-Halloween Blues

Even though Halloween is over, the DVD list stays huge. Check out the releases for Tuesday, November 6th, 2007... Blood Car (2007) Directed by Alex Orr

More Fear Fest Updates!

The updates for Fear Fest are just getting more and more bizarre if you ask me, but I can’t say that there won’t be something for everyone this year! In addition to our big name guests like Robert Englund, Neil Marshall and Tom Holland; in addition to the rock and roll we have planned to do the show right; in addition to the screenings for Fright Night and A Nightmare on Elm Street, you now get the one, the only ... Troll 2!

Weinsteins Get Wild Trio

The Weinstein Company continued to make sure that very few horror films slip through their grasp this weekend with the acquisition of three movies from French sales house The Wild Bunch, according to a story in Daily Variety.

Rock Talks Witch Mountain Redux

When Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson tells you something is going to be awesome, you damn well better pay attention to the man. Cause he would know.

Sneak Peek at Simon Dark!

We first heard of this project at the Fangoria Weekend of Horrors NJ edition, straight from the lips of Steve Niles himself. Talk was of a horror comic, set in the DC super hero universe, starring a boy who was pieced together from the parts of other children who grows up to defend the weak as he unravels the mystery of his past. Lurks in shadows Hides in the park Simon Simon Simon Dark

New Line Nabs New Daughter

New Line have picked up what Gold Cirlce Films is putting down, namely their latest horror offering, The New Daughter, according to Daily Variety.

Brittany Murphy Gets up Early

Brittany Murphy in a horror film? I guess everyone has to try it at least once, right? Unless you count Cherry Falls or The Prophecy II, but both of those were before she was "big".

Negative Happy at AFM

How do you get something both negative and happy? Make it Japanese! They can get away with pretty much anything over on their strange little island, as is evident by a new movie just announced for AFM, Negative Happy Chainsaw Edge!

Nighmareworks to Eat Devil's Pie

The team behind the upcoming Film to Die For, Nightmare Man (review); namely director Rolfe Kanefsky (interview), star Tiffany Shepis and producer Esther Goodstein announced during this year’s AFM that they have formed a brand-new production company, Nightmareworks SKG.

Exclusive: Wardog Teaser!

Remember that badass Dread Central promo we had up shortly after we were launched last July? The one with the werewolf attacking the hot chicks? If you missed it I’m sorry, but just imagine something really kick ass with werewolves and hot chicks. Promoting Dread Central, of course.

Teased by Bad Meat

Bloody Disgusting took a snapshot at AFM today of the teaser poster for Wrong Turn director Rob Schmidt's next horror project, Bad Meat. It isn't due out till 2009, but the poster has me sold. Sure it doesn't tell us anything about the film and I don't care; there's meat and a couple of the silhouettes look like hot chicks. Damn I am shallow...