Exclusive Clip from Voice

If someone would have told me that Voice (review here) would be my best reviewed movie this week, I would have said they were crazy. Still, it was, and to celebrate, we've got some clip action for ya!

WildClaw Searching for Deathscribes

Before the advent of the TV, everyone used to huddle around the radio to listen to shows like "The Shadow" and "War of the Worlds". If you haven’t heard some old recordings of those, you really should try and track them down. They’re amazing. But sadly, those days are long gone.

Gudino's Latest Premiere Date & Trailer!

We just got word from former Rue Morgue editor-in-chief Rodrigo Gudino that his latest short film, “The Facts in the Case of Mister Hollow”, will be making its premiere at this year’s Fantasia Film Festival! Hells yeah! I got to see Rodrigo’s last short, "The Demonology of Desire” (review), at the 2007 show, so this is a great tradition to keep running!

Uberbot Hosts Hellboy Art Show

Hey, all you Florida freaks with a love for all things Hellboy. Just got a heads up about a very cool event going down at Winter Park’s Uberbot. Best known as purveyors of strange and unusual toys from around the world, this Saturday, July 12th, Uberbot will be all about hell! Hellboy, that is...

Phantasm IV SE Announced!

Probably the most confusing of the Phantasm franchise, not really a series known for its linear storytelling, Phantasm IV: Oblivion is finally getting a much-needed special edition DVD release on August 26th as part of the Anchor Bay Collection! This new edition will boast a brand-new anamorphic transfer as well as the following features;

Rue Morgue's Fifth Festival of Fear!

Rue Morgue is showing us Americans how it’s done yet again this year with their 5th annual Festival of Fear, going down this August 22nd–24th, 2008, at the Metro Toronto Convention Center.

Wanna Date Coffin Joe?

While it may not be the official Coffin Joe, star Raymond Castile has constructed a special fan-film for the evil mortician where Joe searches for the perfect mate via his own Reality TV dating show!

Dread Central Gets Lively!

You may not have heard about Lively.com yet. No one could blame you; it’s only two days old. But whether you were there when it launched or just heard about it here, you can’t deny how cool the application is.

Fantasia 2008: The First Week

As I mentioned in my opening soiree blog for this year’s Fantasia Festival, it’s been a tough one without my compadre Evil Andy. Fantasia is not a situation where one can be semi-committal – any given time of day where other obligations tie you down can lead to a cinematic masterpiece (or disasterpiece) slipping through your fingers.

New Poster for French Horror Humains

If there’s one country we should all be keeping our eyeballs on for hot new horror, it’s France. I never thought I would write those words, but I just can’t argue with the evidence; there’s a lot of good stuff coming from our French brothers & sisters these days. Could Humains be the next one?

Tremors Team Back for Night Crew

Word came down today via the official Stampede Entertainment site that the Tremors team are getting the band back together for another (potentially) fun monster movie called Night Crew.

Badass Hell Ride Trailer!

We knew when Larry Bishop’s Hell Ride was first announced that it’d be a healthy slice of badassedness for those of us who are into things like bikes, beer and booty. If you count yourself among those numbers, you need to see this...

Participant Unleashes The Colony

It annoys the shit out of me when a film is announced in the trades but nothing’s said about what it actually will be about. Take the story on The Colony in this morning’s Variety; a long list of genre names is attached to it, but all we know is that it’s an eco-horror tale.

Twilight Graces EW Cover

Last year Blood & Chocolate taught us that no matter how good your source material is, any filmmaker can turn it into a mind numbing laugh-a-thon suited only for people who believe all of Europe is populated by well dressed Goths and powered by Absinthe.

New High Quality Quarantine Trailer

AITH picked up the newest trailer for Quarantine and it raised some new questions. We know that everything is shot from a news cameraman's equipment, but the entire film looks pretty steady and in HD. Maybe all the complaints via Cloverfield-sickness made director John Dowdle opt for a less shaky film?