Behind the Scenes of Tony Moran's Return, Beg!

We just got word about a new horror film shooting in my neck of the woods, specifically the Boston area, that brings the original Michael Myers back to the screen along with some very recognizable faces.

Carrie Fisher Joins Sorority Row?

I’ve really been trying to avoid any and all mention of Sorority Row, the remake of the little-seen 1983 slasher House on Sorority Row, but this casting news is just too strange not to mention.

Alcalde to Direct Who Can Kill a Child Remake

Sometimes it is just a better idea to stay on the mainland. If you're new to a certain area, don't go gallivanting off with your spouse to some mysterious island or cornfield where adults are strangely absent. It never bodes well.

The Official Repo! One-Sheet!

Despite Repo! The Genetic Opera's sad theatrical fate, Darren Bousman is pushing on, and we encourage you to do the same and show your support.

H.P. Lovecraft Film Fest Announces Lineup

Lurker Films sent out a press release today outlining the guests and some of the movies that will be a part of the upcoming H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival and CthulhuCon in Portland, Oregon. Their Author Guest of Honor is Brian Lumley (The House of Cthulhu), and Mike Mignola is the Artist Guest of Honor.

Exclusive: Brett Ratner Considering Conan?

While this may not be horror in the strictest sense, sometimes some news comes along that just makes your stomach turn and you have to get it out there.

Jack Brooks Slays Fantastic Fest!

When I first heard about Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer (review), I thought the film was going to be about a psychopath hunting down the likes of Rosie O'Donnell or Ulli Lommel. My mistake, but Jon Knautz did something neither of those two could do: entertain!

Saw V's Pit & the Pendulum Clip Now Online!

Remember the Saw V clip we described during this year's Comic-Con? It is now available for all to see, if you're old enough.

Season Two of True Blood Confirmed

Not even three episodes in, and HBO is apparently already very happy with the latest creation from “Six Feet Under” creator Alan Ball, “True Blood”, as they just sent out a press release announcing that the show’s been signed on for a second season!

Second Halloween Horror Nights Webisode is Live!

Yes, you read that right. The second behind the screams video for this year’s Halloween Horror Nights is ready to please your ocular senses (that means eyeballs)! Check it out below, and be sure you get your tickets for the festivities by hitting up Universal Studio’s site right now!

Writer Talks Costner Monster Movie New Daughter

We’ve been very lax on getting you guys any updates about the upcoming thriller The New Daughter, mainly because every time I see a pic from it with Kevin Costner looking off into the distance, I get flashbacks of The Postman and have to curl up into a ball for an hour or so. Not very productive, that.

New Images From Dorian Gray

Some new imagery has surfaced today from the upcoming horrific adaptation of Oscar Wildes’ The Portrait of Dorian Gray, now shortened to simply Dorian Gray. Oh, and by “horrific” I mean that it’s being made as a horror movie, not that it’s really bad. That remains to be seen.

Nick Cave Gives Update on The Road

If you’ve been wondering what the status is on the John Hillcoat-helmed adaptation of Cormac McCarthy’s post-apocalyptic tale of a father’s love, The Road, look no further than Nick Cave.

Director Found for Dunst-Produced A Jealous Ghost

A director is now on board for the adaptation of A.N. Wilson’s novel A Jealous Ghost, which Kirsten Dunst is producing and will star in. THR reports that King of the Hill director Gonzalo Lopez-Gallego is now the man calling the shots on the film.

The Devil Next Door in 664: The Neighbor of the Beast

Just got word from friend and filmmaker George O'Connor out here in Boston that the episodic Satanic comedy he and his crew have been working on for the past year and a half is finally online and ready to be enjoyed by the masses!