A New Twilight Trailer and Full Synopsis!

November 21st cannot come fast enough. I am stoked to see what Catherine Hardwicke has turned Stephenie Meyer's sassy vampire love-story into. But, sadly, we have to wait more than a month. To make the time fly we've uploaded the newest trailer, the one we covered last week, and found the new detailed synopsis. Enjoy!

Katiebird Directed to Animate Living Corpse

Ever-busy genre actor Lee Perkins (Katiebird: Certifiable Crazy Person, Live Evil) jut dropped us a line with some very cool early info on one of his next projects. Perkins is getting ready to transition from the world of physical acting to voice acting for Justin Paul Ritter’s The Living Corpse!

Red Eyeing Off Season Adaptation

We all know by now that Jack Ketchum’s Offspring is the latest adaptation of the man’s work to come to the big screen. It’s in post production now and from what I’ve heard is looking pretty good. But what about the book’s prequel, The Off Season (review)? Well, that’s been having some rights issues that may be straightened out soon.

Exclusive: Anchor Bay Hunts Cold Prey

Fritt Vilt, also known as Cold Prey (review), is a Norwegian snowboarding slasher that I think should pique the interests of many readers. And thanks to the folks at Anchor Bay we'll soon have the opportunity to see for ourselves!

Hack Movies Needs St. Louis Ladies!

Kevin Strange and the Hack Movies crew are looking for lovely ladies in the St. Louis area for their new film! It's your chance to work with the same sickos who brought us Colonel Kill Motherfuckers (review)!

New Resident Evil: Degeneration Trailer from TGS 08!

"Wolf" dropped us a note today that says Game Trailers snatched up the newest promo piece for Sony Picture's upcoming Resident Evil: Degeneration, which was shown at this year's Tokyo Game Show. Check out the trailer below and click here for rest of our coverage on the movie.

Video Dread: Highlights from 2008's Eyegore Awards

If, like myself, you missed out on this year's Eyegore Awards, held at Universal Hollywood's Halloween Horror Nights, there's no need to worry. We've just uploaded a highlight reel from the ceremony honoring all that is great in our beloved genre!

Comic Preview: The Darkness #6

The 'Empire' story-arc in Top Cow's The Darkness comic book is coming to an end, and we've got a six page preview of it right here! Issues #6 of The Darkness will be in comic book stores across the nation on October 15th. The comic also features two different covers: one by Stjepan Sejic, the other by Dale Keown.

Introducing Fangoria Graphix!

The folks behind the now-defunct Fangoria Comics line have reunited to give it a go one more time, this time under the banner of Fangoria Graphix, according to a new blog posted on Fa

Evans Set for Lead in Dread

This morning STYD has learned that the pivotal role of Quaid for Anthony DiBlasi’s upcoming Dread, the adaptation of the Clive Barker short story, has finally been filled.

ABC Preps New V

Yeah, yeah, I guess you could say that “V” is about as sci-fi as you can get, but ask anyone who watched the original mini-series on TV when they were a kid, like I did, and you’ll understand why it’s got horror cred. Fucking freaky lizard people, man!

Orphanage Director Gets Hater Gig

Good news today for those of you waiting for more information on the Guillermo del Toro-produced adaptation of David Moody’s novel Hater; Universal has brought on The Orphanage helmer Juan Antonio Bayona to direct the film, according to Variety.

Brolin Close to Jonah Hex Deal

Word has come down via Variety this morning that Josh Brolin is in talks to take on the title role in Warner Bros. upcoming adaptation of the DC comic Jonah Hex, the script for which was penned by the Crank team of Brian Taylor and Mark Neveldine. The duo will also direct.

Mortal Kombat Vs DC Kollector's Edition Announced

Midway announced today that there will be a "Kollector's Edition" of the highly anticipated crossover game Mortal Kombat Vs DC Universe for both PS3 and 360, which now has a confirmed release date of November 16, 2008.

Strangers Winners Announced!

The Strangers are coming home to DVD and Blu-ray in just a few short days, and to celebrate their *ahem* arrival, we're giving away some pretty cool stuffage!