The Haunting in Connecticut Trailer

Yesterday we got the first look at Peter Cornwell's "true" ghost tale The Haunting in Connecticut. But, I just wasn't happy with MTV's trailer, so I got us our own!

Details About George's Intervention

George has an issue. No, he isn't a drinker and drugs aren't his thing, but flesh is ... and we're not talking about hookers here. George is a zombie, and someone's gotta stop him from eating everything in sight!

Scream Queens Battle for Saw VI Role!

I am not totally certain what reality shows have to do with channels that were once dedicated to music, but

It Burns! Paul W.S. Anderson to Pen 4th Resident Evil Flick!

Love using that picture. Anyway, Paul W.S. Anderson, the man who loves putting his own fan fiction spin on many loved movies, comics and video game titles may once again grace us all with his version of Resident Evil.

Twilight Figures Revealed!

One thing you can be sure of if your movie's license is picked up by NECA; there won’t be any shortage of promotional materials that’ll be made with the film’s name on it! The latest example is Twilight, the upcoming teen vampire movie that we just can’t seem to stop talking about.

First 15 Minutes of Dead Space!

So Dead Space is finally out in stores but for some reason you still have not gotten it, right? What’s up with that? Well, as if you needed more reason to get your ass out there and check it out, G4 just posted the first 15 minutes of the game for your viewing pleasure!

The Road Not Ready

It looks like you may have to adjust your plans of taking the family out to see The Road this Thanksgiving, according to a story in this morning’s THR.

Warner Bros. Preps Entering Hades

Warner Bros. has snatched up the rights to a new book about journalist/serial killer Jack Unterweger called Entering Hades, according to this morning’s Variety. Landscape Entertainment will produce and The Time Traveler’s Wife director Robert Schwentke is on board to direct.

Master Replicas to Produce Ghostbuster Props!

A number of years ago there were rumors that Master Replicas had picked up the Ghostbusters license from Sony and were going to produce props based on the classic franchise. Then everything went silent and fans had to deal with all the expensive fan made proton packs and traps. I bought one too, you can admit it.

Early Details on The Haunting in Connecticut

A movie that compares itself to The Exorcist and The Exorcism of Emily Rose has some pretty big shoes to fill, but from all indications The Haunting in Connecticut seems poised to do just that.

First Pics From Long Weekend Redux

We just found a set of the first images from Jamie Blanks’ upcoming remaking of the nature gets revenge movie Long Weekend, which will be showing itself at the upcoming American Film Market in Santa Monica.

New Media from Shankland's The Children

We’ve been keeping you in the loop regarding the latest film from Waz (review) director Tom Shankland, The Children, and it seems our diligence has paid off!

Trailer for Vacancy 2: The First Cut

I know you’ve all been chomping at the bit for more info on Vacancy 2, so I’m glad we can finally give you your first glimpse at it. A reader by the name of “gameboy” dropped us a heads-up that a rough cut of the trailer for the prequel is now online, so scroll on down to check it out!

Jovovich Set for Clock Tower

**UPDATE: This has since been denied by Jovovich's camp. Sorry folks!** Well, it’s official finally; Milla Jovovich has joined forces with Brittany Snow to take part in Martin Weisz’ upcoming Clock Tower movie, so now we’re fairly confident we can say this one’s not going to be worth the wait.

Cloverfield Toy Cancelled?

Over at his other home on Action Figure, our man Nomad just got word from Hasbro that things are in flux on the state of the company’s upcoming Cloverfield monster toy, which may or may not be upcoming now...