Raging onto DVD

Director Robert Kurtzman let us know today that his project The Rage (review) is ready to beat its way onto DVD come February 26, 2008. The disc will be a special edition with over an hour of bonus features including a making-of documentary and two music videos.

Support a Qeetastrophe!

QEETASTROPHE is a project put together by Toy2R, Steve of Level 27 clothing and our own Paul Nomad. We've got two very simple goals. 1. To raise money for St. Jude's Pediatric Research Hospital

Masking the Predator

In just over a month Aliens Vs Predator will return to the big screen and hopefully this time we won't be treated to hot metal HIV covered spikes up the ass. Oh, and there will be kick ass toys too!

Romero's New Deadtime Stories

Sure we may have borrowed from the 1987 anthology movie Deadtime Stories for our own on-going podcast Dreadtime Stories, but is it really fair for George A. Romero to borrow from us?

Wii Owners are Alone in the Dark, Too

The ever-evasive and hard to pin down Alone in the Dark 5 from Atari pops up yet again with another smattering of potentially good news. The latest in the granddaddy of all survival horror series is now not only heading to the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC, but IGN confirmed today that it will make it's way to the PS2 and the Nintendo Wii.

Exclusive: Welcome to the Jungle Clip!

Jonathan Hensleigh’s Welcome to the Jungle (DVD review) is out on DVD today, so as a special treat we got our hands on a nice, juicy clip from the film just for Dread Central readers to feast upon!

Garris Off Fear Itself?

How far-reaching does this strike by the WGA go? That has yet to be determined but according to STYD, it’s caused Mick Garris to lose his own show.

Ridley Scott Returns With Stones

This morning it was announced that Ridley Scott is finally making his way back to our genre with a new flick called Stones. Welcome back, Ridley, welcome back.

More Jennifer's Body Info!

Some more details about Jennifer’s Body have surfaced over at The Hollywood Reporter that shed light onto the project even more than it was first announced ("Fox to Show Off Jennifer’s Body" – October 2007).

Bonnie, Clyde and ... Dracula?!

It's been one of those weeks for me. Motorcycle battery is dead; my truck is in the shop and the last Krispy Kreme for 50 miles has just closed down. How will I cope?!

Preview of Dark Sector Zero!

The cold war is over, but its secrets are about to infect the world. The phrase "Silence is deadly" never meant more. There exists a virus that means an agonizing death to its victims and the infected survivors are in for a special hell. This virus reshapes man into a monstrous new creature. Will it reshape the planet?

Breck, Dietz & More Join Krampus

This weekend our MySpace master, Nomad, got a message from the makers of a new film called Krampus about some pretty kick ass casting news for their oddly-titled film.

Wanna be a Zombie?

I've been following a comic book styled zombie flick called The Undertakers: Road's End for a while. Everything about the project has great potential, but all that is holding it back is ... money. Yes, that fuel that puts all movies into motion is all the Undertakers team needs, but they've come up with a great idea to drum up some cash!

Fever Pitch Ready to Howl

I know the teaser image is cheesy, and I’ll be damned if I could find out more about it, but I can't help it; I’m a sucker for a werewolf film. Eric Stoltz and Muse Watson are both in talks to star in a new film from Fever Pitch productions, the team behind Dante Tomaselli’s The Ocean as well as the recent Horrofest entry Tooth & Nail (review), called Howl. Generic, yes, but effective!

Neighborhood Watch Gets a Deadly End

What’s so bad about the title Neighborhood Watch, if I may ask? It’s a bit generic, sure, but it’s fitting when you actually see the movie, directed by Graeme Whifler.