Saw V Teasing!

Lionsgate has done it again ... created an incredibly effective, incredibly creepy and incredibly badass teaser poster for Saw V. Damn them, I want to get sick of this series already, but they just keep sucking me back in!

Frightfest 2008 Schedule Live!

Need a good reason to make a trip across the pond? Or perhaps you live in the UK and are just dying for something cool to do? We’ve got just the thing, if you don’t mind waiting till August…

Bind Cast Back Together

All right, I’ve been out of it for a while, but apparently a lot changed and then went back to normal for Dan Walton’s 80’s horror homage Bind.

Horror Lives Again in New Comprehensive Genre Overview

I always love seeing one of our own do well, and by “our own” I refer to those of us who write about horror on an almost daily basis, getting so deep into the genre that it’s hard to imagine discussing anything else in polite conversation.

Clash of the Titans Vs. War of Gods!

The remake of Clash of the Titans is still a go, no matter how much voodoo and black/white magic I dabble in to make it go away. Damn you, forces of darkness, why won’t you do my bidding?

New Repo! Trailer

Canadian site Sympatico has just posted the latest trailer for Darren Bousman's upcoming Repo! The Genetic Opera (review) just in time to whet everyone's appetite for Fantasia (check out the fest's 2008 schedule here).

Exploding Bongs? On My Internets?!

If you've been waiting for just the right time to start watching Twisted Pictures' online series VLOG, now is it!

Fantasia 2008 Schedule Live!

And it’s about time! I’ve been waiting all day for Fantasia’s official site to finally get the 2008 schedule up, since we’ve been giving you stuff to look forward to on it all week, and I can happily report that it’s live!

Baby Blood Spawns Lady Blood

Our buds over at Quiet Earth directed our attention to a new French film by Wolfpack helmer Jean-Marc Vincent. Turns out Lady Blood is the sequel to the old 1990 flick Baby Blood (review). Bit of a long time to wait for a sequel, amirite?

Sneak a Peek at Quarantine's Infected!

The Brothers Dowdle are shaping their remake of REC (review) up pretty nicely. Those of us who have seen the original may not jump the same way twice, but it's pretty easy to see that their interpretation of the Spanish original may just do the trick on a fresh audience.

Schmid and Song Set to Thaw

We got word today from Anagram Pictures regarding some late additions to the cast of the Mark A. Lewis eco-thriller The Thaw.

Dread Central Presents: Now That You're Dead!

We're pleased to announce that Dread Central is home to the online premiere of one of our favorite indie filmmakers' new short, "Now That You're Dead!" Writer/director Patrick Rea was kind enough to provide DC with access to his latest venture, which he describes as "a dark-humored battle between a cheating husband, a mistress, and a murderous wife with a supernatural twist."

Three Discs of Halloween, Plus Mothers & Feast DVD News

Just what you’ve all been begging for: a 3-disc edition of Rob Zombie’s Halloween (DVD review)! It’s like Christmas a few months early this October 21st!

ToyQuest Nabs Monsters Vs. Aliens License

Either Dreamworks has a lot of confidence in ToyQuest or they’re not too thrilled about their first 3D animated film, Monsters Vs. Aliens.

Holland & Whedon's Webisode Teasers!

I’ve been hearing about this weird project for a long while now; it’s a series of 10-minute “webisodes” done specifically for viewing on your computer by various talented people in Hollywood, one of them being Joss Whedon.