Shankland's The Children Site Live

Just the other day we pointed out the first tease for Tom Shankland’s follow-up to Waz, the killer kid flick The Children. Now the updates are coming fast and loose, and there’s even more to tell you guys about!

Official Site, Cannibal Pics for The Road

Normally the launch of a film’s official site comes with, at the very least, some early production artwork. Such is not the case for The Road, John Hilcoat’s adaptation of the Cormac McCarthy novel, but more has been found that should make up for its lack of content.

Upcoming Sci-Fi Channel Cinematic Greatness

Rag on Sci-Fi Channel original movies all you want - I know I often do; but somebody (besides me) must be tuning in given how much they keep on cranking them out. As a matter of fact, the ratings for these films are steadily increasing. Sci-Fi plans for 36 news films in 2009, and today we're getting a taste of things to come.

New Ghostbusters Comic!

In case you've been wondering just how out if it I am when it comes to new horror comics, I had no idea a new Ghostbusters comic was on its way from IDW until about 15 minutes ago. But luckily when I learn things, I share them with you guys cause, well, that’s what we’re here for, right?

Pain & Suffering Await at Blackwater Farm

God bless the American Film Market website! As next month's AFM continues to take shape, I keep coming across interesting listings for movies we have to look forward to in the year to come. Today's entry is Blackwater Farm, and on this farm the primary crop is torture porn.

IFC Acquires U.S. Rights for Sauna

Though it’s one of those films that sounds exceedingly difficult to describe without having seen it, which I have not, that still hasn’t stopped AJ Annila’s Sauna from getting buzz all over the festival world. Today that buzz has culminated in the Variety announcement that IFC Entertainment has acquired the rights to Sauna for the U.S.

Early Art for Gens' Vanikoro

Earlier today the folks over at Filmsactu got their hands on some preliminary product

Ghost House Underground Report Card

When the announcement came that Ghost House Pictures was releasing its own line of edgy horror films under a new label called Ghost House Underground, we were pretty intrigued. Could they get away from their usual ultra-shiny PG-13 flavored spookfests long enough to successfully drop some real horror on us? Well, you're about to find out.

Fifth Splinter Podcast is Live!

To help keep you guys excited to check out Toby Wilkins’ Splinter, which Magnet is releasing in a limited capacity on Halloween, we just got word the fifth Splinter podcast is now available to please you occularly!

Jack Brooks 2?

To be honest, Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer was a surprise. Mixing horror with comedy and Robert Englund doesn't always pay off, but for me the only real flaw Brooks had was in the pacing. So, will we get to see director Jon Knautz tighten things up with a sequel? Why, yes!

Exclusive Pics from House!

All of a sudden there’s all this info out there about House, a religious-themed horror film based on the novel by Frank Peretti and Ted Dekker. To add to that we just got a quartet of exclusive images from the film, which you can start digesting below.

Dead Set DVD Details!

Though we only just heard about the UK zombie series “Dead Set” very recently, it seems it’s been building across the pond for quite a while. Premiering on E4 this month, we just got word that the DVD set is already ready to hit UK shelves on November 3rd!

Del Toro Talks Frankenstein

Good news for those of us sick of remakes: Guillermo del Toro’s not planning on once again adapting Mary Shelley’s classic novel to the big screen when he finally gets around to doing Frankenstein, only one of the dozens of projects he’s attached to work on when The Hobbit is done. I’ll allow him to explain:

Monaghan & Rodriguez Join Fortuna

Dominic Monaghan and Freddy Rodriguez have signed on to star in a new horror thriller that tells of a future just a little too close to reality right now, Fortuna. THR reports this morning that the film, written and directed by Barthelemy Grossman, (13 m2) begins its six-week shoot in Nova Scotia on November 10th.

Overture Preps Crazies Remake

Though it’s not really news, as we’ve mentioned this more than once before, Variety reports this morning that Overture Films is finally moving forward on the long-gestating remake of George Romero’s The Crazies with Sahara helmer Breck Eisner still seated firmly in the director’s chair.