SDCC 08: The Mummy 3 Cast Interviews!

Excited about The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor? Come on! You know roller coasters are lots of fun, and that's what this flick looks to be all about -- adrenaline based thrills! Besides, it has Yetis. True, they're CGI Yetis, but damnit, they're Yetis nonetheless.

UPDATED: Discount Train Ride? Meat Train Theatre Listings!

UPDATE: We found more theatre listings that include the eastern half of the country, so maybe it's not as bad as we initially thought. See below for the full list, and check your local listings, too, as this may not be everything.

Exclusive: Road to Hell Screen Grab

Cynthia Curnan, writer and one of the co-producers of the upcoming Road to Hell, dropped us a line today with an update on the status of the film.

SDCC 08: Media Blow-Out!

As I'm sure you can tell from the amount of stuff we've been posting lately, we have covered the hell out of Comic-Con 08. The best part? We're still not even close to done.

SDCC 08: Mirrors Cast and Crew Interviews!

And the Comic-Con video coverage keeps oozing onto your PC screens! Next up -- exclusive cast and crew interviews from Alexandre Aja's latest fright film, Mirrors!

Friday the 13th Site Now Live

The official website for the Platinum Dunes remake of Friday the 13th, starring Derek Mears as our favorite masked killer, has just become active. Sadly, there's not much on the site aside from a high resolution image of Jason's mask as it was seen in the recent posters.

SDCC 08: Quick! The Wolfman Footage!

There's no doubt that Universal will have this pulled down quickly!

Official Terminator Salvation Poster!

Not much more to say. Warner Bros. sent out the official teaser poster for Terminator Salvation today after it made its world premiere at last weekend’s Comic Con. Simple, yet badass; I like it! The fourth Terminatorfilm hits theaters on May 9th, 2009, so expect plenty of stuff for it between now and then!

SDCC 08: Repo! Panel Footage!

More hard work from Andrew Kasch and Buz is available today! Here is our latest San Diego Comic-Con footage, this time featuring the cast and crew of Darren Bousman's Repo! The Genetic Opera (review)!

Exclusive: New Batch of Rock & Shock Guests!

We are pleased to reveal the next batch of guests confirmed for this year's Rock and Shock, which takes place in Worcester, Mass., October 10th-12th.

Xbox Arcade Invaded by Tabletop Zombies?

File this one under "likely but still rumoured". Zombies!!! from Twilight Creations is a beloved board game around these parts for good reasons. It’s fun and it has zombies in it! Now Joystiq have caught wind that it might be heading to Xbox Live Arcade at some point.

Anaconda 3: The Hoff-Spring DVD News

Did you miss the Sci-Fi Channel premiere of Anaconda 3 (review) starring David Hasselhoff this weekend? Good news: the DVD is already scheduled for an October 21st release. Or you could just watch the movie when it replays on Sci-Fi September 21st. I think Sony Home Entertainment would prefer you wait for their DVD.

SDCC 08: Friday the 13th Cast & Crew!

Our intrepid reporters were not only running around Comic Con like mad men and women turning in stories this past weekend, but they took the time to chat up some famous people on camera, too! First up is an interview with the men behind the Friday the 13th remake!

IDW's Horrific Future

IDW Publishing announced a huge slate of new titles during Comic Con, and thankfully they were kind enough to send out one press release detailing all of them. Saves us the time of tracking down bits and pieces for each one, you know?

Goyer Talks Baltimore Project

During Comic Con, David Goyer got to chatting with a lot of people about the various projects he’s involved in, talking up his next directorial effort The Unborn more than anything else.