Monroeville Zombies Invade Horrorfind!

This is one thing I love about our genre; if a horror film is popular enough with fans, you can make almost any merchandise related to it and have a built-in consumer base.

Strangers DVD Art & Specs

Though I found it dull and derivative, most people out there dug on The Strangers (review) and are probably curious what makes the DVD cut “unrated”. Personally, if it’s not a 20-minute Liv Tyler shower scene, I’m not interested. Considering the “unrated’ cut is only two minutes longer, I doubt we’ll be seeing that.

Trick 'r Treat Still at WB

An interesting development went down yesterday that we’re still trying to get some kind of official details on one way or another. Warner Bros. sent out its fall preview to all us internet journalists, and though nothing specific was mentioned in terms of a release date, Mike Dougherty’s long-suffering Trick ‘r Treat was still on the list.

Mirrors Opening Now Online!

Want to see the first three minutes of Alexandrea Aja’s Mirrors? Well, as long as you're 17 years of age or older, you can see it right now just by scrolling down a bit! The guys at IGN got their hands on this bit of red-banded goodness, and I have to say it looks very promising.

The Weekly Wrap-Up: August 2-8, 2008

August 2-8, 2008, turned out to be a rather slow week news-wise. But what it lacked in quantity, it definitely made up in quality. Smart hot chicks and a fresh look at some old favorites dominated the headlines.

Nightmares Short Competition Over Soon!

Just a quick reminder; the competition to have your short film seen by thousands at Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights will officially be closed on September 3rd! Visit the Halloween Horror Nights “Where Nightmares Come Alive” page for all the details on how to enter and possibly win $1,000!

Adults Only Black Devil Doll Clip at the New Beverly!

For those of you sickos living and dying in LA, there’s yet another cool event to look forward to at the New Beverly Cinema; the world premiere of Dawna of the Dead, proceeded by an adult’s only clip from Black Devil Doll on August 14th, 2008!

Exclusive: Writer Todd Farmer Talks My Bloody Valentine 3D

Harry Warden's early Eighties killing spree turned the heads of lots of fans back in the day, and as a result My Bloody Valentine has become known as a bit of a slasher classic. As you well know, anything popular ends up getting the remake treatment so we sat down with writer Todd Farmer to get the early word on what to expect.

Exclusive: Dead Space Hands-On!

So EA was kind enough to fly me out to the west coast to visit their studios and to check out Dead Space. I got a chance to hang out with some of the team and there was a roundtable with a few presentations, as well. I’ll be detailing those later, but first things first I want to write up my experiences playing the game.

First Look at Seventh Moon Poster & Trailer!

Checking up on Eduardo Sanchez’ MySpace page, I discovered the first poster and trailer for his latest feature, Seventh Moon, which as we announced earlier today will be premiering at this year’s Fantastic Fest in Austin, TX.

Dinner for Fiends: Fear It Sucks

Though it takes us abut a half hour to finally get to discussing the NBC anthology show Fear Itself, when it is brought up the pure, dripping hatred Uncle Creepy holds inside that twisted thing he calls a heart for it is more than worthy of giving this DFF its title. It's scary!

Seventh Moon, Feast 2 & More at Fantastic Fest

Ah, I hate you Austin, TX. Yes, the entire damn city; deal with it. Why, you may ask? Because not only is it the hippest place on Earth, it’s also home to Fantastic Fest, which just announced its second wave of titles and there's some damn good stuff on here.

Goyer Dishes More Invisible Man Details

A few weeks back, you may recall the first bit of news about David Goyer working on a new version of The Invisible Man for Universal. Well, recently he chatted with MTV's Movies Blog and revealed that either that or X-Men Origins: Magneto will be the next project he’s working on.

Rebecca Hall & More Join Dorian Gray

Sometimes being ensconced so deeply in the world of horror, it’s nearly impossible to pay attention to anything else. So when Variety announces that rising star Rebecca Hall has officially joined Oliver Parker’s adaptation of Dorian Gray, I realize have no idea who this girl is.

Molly Haunted by Ghosts &Videos

MTV helped out our genre today by posting the first trailer for Go! producer Mickey Liddell's first directorial effort, The Haunting Of Molly Hartley. Prepare yourself for jump scares and overbearing narration!