Del Toro Talks Frankenstein

Good news for those of us sick of remakes: Guillermo del Toro’s not planning on once again adapting Mary Shelley’s classic novel to the big screen when he finally gets around to doing Frankenstein, only one of the dozens of projects he’s attached to work on when The Hobbit is done. I’ll allow him to explain:

Monaghan & Rodriguez Join Fortuna

Dominic Monaghan and Freddy Rodriguez have signed on to star in a new horror thriller that tells of a future just a little too close to reality right now, Fortuna. THR reports this morning that the film, written and directed by Barthelemy Grossman, (13 m2) begins its six-week shoot in Nova Scotia on November 10th.

Overture Preps Crazies Remake

Though it’s not really news, as we’ve mentioned this more than once before, Variety reports this morning that Overture Films is finally moving forward on the long-gestating remake of George Romero’s The Crazies with Sahara helmer Breck Eisner still seated firmly in the director’s chair.

More Dead Space Madness!

Looking for some more crazed interstellar hijinx to keep you busy until the release of Dead Space? EA Games' online immersive experience at NoKnownSurvivors.com has launched its third chapter this week, so get yourself set as we once again follow the three happy spacemen through their terror filled downward spiral.

First Look at Ryan Nicholson's Hanger!

We just received word from indie film producer Dan Walton, the man behind Upcoming Horror Movies and the upcoming Macabre Con, that shooting on his next production, the Ryan Nicholson-helmed Hanger, is looking at a November start date.

New Name for Halo-8 Film Fest

Just a few days ago we got word about a new week-long run of horror and punk films called "8 Films To Kill For: Halo-ween Fest".

Get Ready to Rock and Shock in Three Days!

Just a quick reminder that this weekend, October 10-12, Rock & Shock hits Worcester, Mass once more!

Triple Shot of Creature Feature Trailers

Trailers have popped up recently for three new creature features: the Devon Sawa-starring Creature of Darkness, the remake of Attack of the Giant Leeches, and the extraterrestrial battle royal Alien Grey Area-X. Wanna take a look see?

Sawmania Sweeps Into NYC This November

As if you needed more reason to get excited about Saw V, which hits theaters on October 24th, now you’ll have a reason to stay excited once the film has come and gone, thanks to a little thing called Sawmania!

Exclusive: Adam Mason Talks Luster!

In our recent interview with director Adam Mason about his latest horror outing to hit DVD, The Devil’s Chair (DVD review), our man Uncle Creepy managed to squeeze a bit of intel out of the man about his next feature, Luster.

Wolfman Banners Found

While doing the touristy thing at a recent Universal Halloween Horror Night, intrepid reporter Ryan Rotten managed to snap some pics of the promo art Universal had on display for one of my most anticipated remakes of next year, The Wolfman.

Colosimo Gives Daybreakers Update

Been wondering about the status of the Spierig Brothers' forever-in-the making vampire film Daybreakers? Even remember anything about it at this point? I can’t say I’d blame you if you answer “no” to the first because of a “yes” to the second.

Hathaway, Bonham Carter Join Wonderland

Ah ha! Finally it has happened -- the inevitable casting of Burton regular Helena Bonham Carter in his latest film, Alice in Wonderland. I knew I should’ve gone to Vegas to get a bet on the timing of this announcement; I could be a very rich man right now.

Dougherty Talks Werewolf Show Bitches

It’s about goddamn time someone tried to get werewolves back on primetime TV. Sure there have been some shows since “Werewolf: The Series” that have made minimal effort, but it sounds like Trick ‘r Treat director Michael Dougherty’s Fox show “Bitches” will be the one we’ve been waiting for.

Night of the Demons Starts Principal Photography

Word ran down the pike today that the Adam Gierasch (interview) retelling of 1988's Night of the Demons has just started principal photography in haunted old New Orleans.