Exclusive: Ketchum's Offspring to Roll Soon!

Our man Evil Andy is busting his ass at Fantasia right now. However, he did take a brief moment to drop us a line about the forthcoming adaptation of Jack Ketchum's Offspring (review).

Far Beyond a Double Dip!

Grindhouse Releasing is set to bring Lucio Fulci's out-of-print The Beyond back to horror fans with a far from plain DVD.

Chiller TV Wants Your Films!

NBC's horror and thriller based channel, Chiller TV, has announced the second annual Dare to Direct contest! Are you ready to win $5,000 and get a crack at being discovered by Hollywood?

ZombieFest 2008 Goes Free!

You've all seen the photos in our gallery of folks having a great time and hobnobbing with the stars at conventions. Most of them come with a pretty hefty price tag. Usually convention-goers can expect to pay between $20 and $45 for a weekend filled with vendors, celebs, panels, etc.

Outlander Trailer Lands!

Our friends over at Quiet Earth pointed us in the direction of the first trailer for Outlander, the sci-fi/horror flick by Howard McCain. A spacecraft has crashed on Earth in the year 709 AD, and the monster it is carrying has been unleashed on the population of Norway. Vikings don't take kindly to this invader!

Get Summer Scars in September

We just got word in that Julian Richards' award winning Summer Scars has been picked up for distribution via Danger After Dark!

Full Color Black Devil Doll!

Those sick fucks behind the upcoming horror/blacksploitation/puppet porn Black Devil Doll just sent us word that a brand-new piece of shameless promotion is ready to suck the money from your wallet and the dignity from your soul. What could it be, you ask? A T-shirt, of course!

Knetter's Monthly Blood: Hope

From the twisted mind and sexy ass of famous horror author Joe Knetter comes another twisted tale of love, loss, and gore-soaked grue. Think you have the stomach for it?

Two New Twilight Clips

All right, vampy fans, it's time for some new visual stimulus from the world of Catherine Hardwicke's Twilight! I know there are some of you thirsty for more, and if there's one thing we like doing here at Dread Central, it's quenching!

Farmer Talks Valentine Redux

You know how we feel about remakes here at Dread. You know how long it takes to convince us that maybe, just maybe, the remake is justified. And though I’ve never really cared one way or another about the My Bloody Valentine redux, a new interview with its screenwriter, Todd Farmer, has almost swayed me to the side of not only caring, but actually looking forward to it.

Bikini Zombie Slayers!

Onechanbara: Bikini Zombie Slayers is the latest in a series of games about girls in bikinis slaying zombies. It's notable because it'll be the first one released in America . And it's coming to the Wii!

First Images From Spanish Lovecraft Film

This morning the Spanish site Aullidos got a slew of imagery from Jose Luis Aleman’s La Herencia de Valdemar (The Valdemar Inheritance). Never heard of it? Neither had we until today!

New Coffin Joe Film Met with Warm Reception

Hungry for more news about Coffin Joe's return to the big screen? You should be. Co-writer of the new film, Dennison Ramalho, updated his official Embodiment of Evil blog with some some news from the film's first ever showing!

Dead Space to Give Away Top 100!

Tired of using Columbia House or the used DVD pile at EB to build up your collection of sci-fi and horror flicks? All yer money going towards gas instead of entertainment? Just want some free stuff? Then get those clicking fingers ready!

Niles Talks The Lost Ones

Our fellow sickos at G4TV.com got the scoop direct from Steve Niles regarding The Lost Ones, his exclusive series for Microsoft's Zune player, and to sweeten the pot, they're also running themselves a snazzy little contest!