The Grudge 3 Trailer is Here!

Toby Wilkins (interview here) has kicked ass and taken names with his debut feature, Splinter, but the first reason we started talking about him was because he got the semi-sweet gig of directing the first non-Shimizu-helmed Grudge sequel.

Splattrax: Dr. Giggles Now Live!

Coming in a few days ahead of schedule, this year's Splattrax with special guest I-Mockery's Roger Barr is now live! We laughed, we cried, we tried to find ways to fit in Bill & Ted references thanks to bad hairstyles and eye-blistering fashion choices! All this and more can be yours if you just download the audio below and get yourself a copy of Dr. Giggles!

Dawn of the Dead (1979)

"When there's no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth" – tagline for the ages

Event Report: ZombieFest '08, October 24-26

Monroeville, PA, is no stranger to zombies, especially at their fabled mall where, in 1978, the original (and still best) Dawn of the Dead was filmed. Now, thirty years later, the shambling dead once again invaded for a three-day event which culminated in a good charitable cause. More on that later. ZombieFest, the annual event, was one hell of a good time, and if you missed it, you should promptly go and kick yourself wherever is most tender.

U.S. Timecrimes Trailer!

Timecrimes (review) will be playing in some select theatres in November, but Magnolia is keeping us on edge as to where we can see it.

New Monsterpiece Theatre Anthology on the Way

Me? I'm a sucker for two kinds of movies ... zombie flicks and anthologies. The latter totally rules because with really short stories, if you're bored by one segment, another will be starting soon enough. Which is why I was glad to hear about director Ethan Terra joining forces with John Carl Buechler to bring us Monsterpiece Theatre.

The Third Alternative: Horror Icon Sid Haig’s Bid at the Oval Office

With the nation mired in an economic crisis rivaled only by the Great Depression, a seemingly endless and increasingly unpopular war -- both of which are taking a devastating toll on the pocketbooks, morale and the very psyche of nearly every American -- and a myriad of domestic troubles ranging from health care and the environment to energy and the erosion of personal freedom, interest in the in the upcoming pr

UPDATE: Original Bloody Valentine on DVD

UPDATE: STYD updated the My Bloody Valentine DVD news today with a list of special features that may just change the name of some naysayers.

Werewolves in Ridley Scott's Future?

Ridley Scott, the man who jerked many of us into the horror genre with space truckers and xenomorphs, may be eyeing another murderous creature for a future film.

Exclusive: Behind the Zombies of I Sell the Dead!

This Halloween season we had a great idea for a series of articles detailing the practical makeup effects done by some our favorite guys in the industry. They love talking about their craft, we love hearing about it, and Fango doesn’t do ‘em any more, so here we are!

Day & Date for F.E.A.R. 2 Download!

Lazy gamers rejoice! Warner Bros. just announced that it will be distributing F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin via digital download on the same day the game hits good old-fashioned brick and mortar stores!

Trivia Contest to Attend Halo-8: Films That Kill

Our buddies at Halo-8 Entertainment have put together a quick trivia contest in which the first ten people to respond with the correct answer get free admission to the "Halo-8: Films That Kill" Closing Night Party on Tuesday, October 28, at The Engine Theater in Hollywood.

DVD Releases: Halloween Horrors!

This is it, the last big list before Halloween! Check out the horror DVDs coming out on Tuesday, October 28th, 2008!

Travis Betz's Bartokular is Here!

Halloween is now literally just around the corner, and to celebrate, Travis Betz, the sick genius behind Joshua (review), one of my favorite indie horrors of the last few years, has prepared a brand new series of shorts for Atom Films!

Teaser for Post-Apocalyptic Aftermath

“The world ended on a Tuesday.” While it’s enticing to think of, I hope we can get through one more Halloween before it does. Actually, that’s the last line in the wicked teaser trailer for Aftermath, a new film coming our way from the Great White North, which you can check out below.