Repo! Theatrical Listings

In case you weren’t sure, here’s your list of where you can see Repo! The Genetic Opera when it opens on November 7th. Sure it’s not the most extensive theatrical release but trust me, it’s worth the trip to see it. Check out the Repo! MySpace page to learn more about the film and get a taste of the music that populates it.

Henenlotter's Bad Biology Goes Theatrical

The fiends at Fangoria have learned that some changes have gone on in the world of Bad Biology since the film was last discussed. For a while it looked like TLA Releasing would be putting out the new Henenlotter film, but negotiations didn’t go as planned so now producer R.A. Thoburn wants to put it in theaters.

Dead Space Launch Trailer!

All right, finally Dead Space has found its way to stores across the country today, and to celebrate the guys behind the game have come up with a snazzy launch trailer that you can check out below!

Quarantine (2008)

Foaming at the motormouth! Discuss Motion Picture Purgatory in the Dread Central forums!

Dante Goes 3D With The Hole, No Hell

Looks like Joe Dante may be moving on from the Drew McWeeney/Scott Swan feature Bat Out of Hell according to a new video blog posted on This is Some Scene. He doesn’t explain why he may not be attached to the vampires on a plane film, but he did confirm that he's getting ready to shoot The Hole.

Badass Pic from Park Chan-Wook's Thirst

The Japanese paper Star got a really nice pic of Korean star Song Kang-ho as the doomed priest in Park Chan-Wook’s upcoming vampire film Thirst, which is getting ready to go into post-production.

Dunstan's Midnight Man Direct to DVD

The guys over at STYD got some kinda odd news regarding Marcus Dunstan’s directorial debut, Midnight Man. Seems that despite the success of the Saw he and partner Patrick Melton wrote, they won’t be seeing Midnight Man in theaters.

Comic Preview: Hack/Slash Vs. Halloween Man

Halloween is the time for free goods, and we're not talking about free candy! A special crossover comic featuring Hack/Slash Vs Halloween Man (official site) will be available for FREE on October 15th! Not only that, but a pretty sweet fan art contest is underway, too:

UGO's Top 50 Hotties of Horror!

Let's face it... some movies in our genre are only good for two things: blood and boobs. There's nothing wrong with that, as both can redeem even the sorriest of motion pictures. But with so many horror movies floating around out there, how do we know which ones have the hottest of the hotties?

Saw V Prize Pack Winners!

Here are the (long overdue) winning names for the Saw V contest (sorry it took so long...) Desmond Raeneiri Kyle Labutka Violet Kirby Jason Stackem Congrats! Thanks to all who entered!

Get Ready for a Week Long Shock Festival Celebration!

Well, folks, after about two years of bloodying my nose on the grindhouse grindstone, my new book Shock Festival (pre-order) hits stores next week, and you are invited, one and all, to the Week long Shock Festival celebration, w

Trailer for Travis Betz's Lo!

What, you may ask, is “Lo”? Well, it’s probably one of the coolest trailers I’ve seen in a while, even if it makes no sense at all. It’s got some great makeup effects, a cool jazz song and twisted visuals. So it’s no surprise that it’s for the new film from Joshua (review) director Travis Betz!

Storyboard for The Horde

The really badasss storyboard for Yannick Dahan’s upcoming zombie film The Horde showed up on the film’s MySpace page recently and if it’s any indication of the scale the film will be at, this sucker’s going to be pretty amazing.

Spooky Empire's Screamfest is this Weekend!

It's that time of the year for Spooky Empire's Screamfest in Orlando, Florida! Kicking off on October 17th, Screamfest will be bringing us the Freak Show Film Festival, vendors galore, a pool party and Hellraiser and Dawn of the Dead reunions! All of this is taking place at the glorious Wyndham hotel with rooms available for as little as $99 a night!

A New Twilight Trailer and Full Synopsis!

November 21st cannot come fast enough. I am stoked to see what Catherine Hardwicke has turned Stephenie Meyer's sassy vampire love-story into. But, sadly, we have to wait more than a month. To make the time fly we've uploaded the newest trailer, the one we covered last week, and found the new detailed synopsis. Enjoy!