Death Will Walk Again

Everything has been pretty quiet in regards to a horror film titled Death Walks the Streets. I can't even remember the last story I personally wrote concerning it, but it must have been some time ago ("Exclusive: Death Walks the Streets Concept Art" - July 2006). But something is stirring on the road ahead.

Michele Soavi Returns

Actor/Director Michele Soavi has spent many years away from the horror genre. Since his last horror pic, Cemetery Man (review), Soavi has been directing various Italian TV shows ... but that is about to change.

Del Toro Faces Frankenstein?

Guillermo Del Toro is a name we should all be familiar with by now. Throughout 2007 the Hellboy helmer's name seemed to crop up in more news stories than any other director, so why shouldn't he in '08?

New Cloverfield Spot!

In case you missed it, a brand-new ad for Cloverfield found its way onto YouTube over the last few days. Nothing terribly new is revealed in it, but there’s some good monster mayhem and a great choice of where to die! Cloverfield opens everywhere January 18th, 2008! Can’t freaking wait!

New Lost Boys 2 Pics!

Corey Feldman gave his fans a Christmas treat that is only just now being noticed; hell I didn’t even realized the guy had his own site, though I guess it makes sense, doesn’t it?

Fear Fest 2 TV Spot!

Now here’s something even I wasn’t expecting; a badass video promo for Fear Fest 2, running March 7th-9h in Dallas, TX! Thanks to the guys and gals at (5)aint Productions for putting it together. The promo will be airing on CW 33 and Fox 4 from now until March so Dallas locals keep your eyeballs peeled! Hit the official Fear Fest site for all the nitty gritty!

A Date for The Mist

Well, there’s neither art nor specs for it yet, but if Amazon is to be trusted (and why would they lie to us?), at least the DVD release for The Mist (review) has a date; March 25th, 2008 (pre-order it here).

Kurtzman-Produced Video Wins Top Pick!

Here’s a cool way to start off 2008; win a viewer’s choice of best video of the year. No, it hasn’t happened for Viper Rash yet, but it did happen for Mushroomhead; specifically their video for “12 Hundred” has won Headbanger’s Ball “Best Video of the Year”!

A Ruins Poster?

**UPDATE: Various sources have confirmed that it is, indeed, fan made. Whew!** This isn’t really the poster for The Ruins, is it? Seriously?

Simon Says UK Release

I find it hard to believe that any studio would have a problem drumming up attention for a horror movie starring Crispin Glover, but why else would Simon Says (review) not be out here in the states yet? Do they not know there’s a built-in audience of the morbidly curious waiting for this?

Last House Remade Soon...

Ah, this one should be fun to keep an eye one; Wes Craven talked to the Fangoria fiends the other day via Fangoria Radio, and revealed that work on the remake of his Last House on the Left is going along swimmingly.

Fear Fest Raising Money for the West Memphis Three

For those of you familiar with the sickening injustice done to the trio known as the West Memphis Three, chances are you’re familiar with the latest developments in their case. If you’re not, head over to the support page for the WM3 to catch up.

2008 Will be Dino-Rific!

What once was old is new again, especially if we're talking about rampaging dinosaurs - movies about rampaging dinosaurs, that is. To be more specific, Sci-Fi Channel original movies about rampaging dinosaurs. Sci-Fi will be unleashing the extinct predators by land, air, and sea for our viewing pleasure in 2008.

Horror Comes to Rio!

Seems like every corner of the world has their own film festival these days, so I really think one needs to be as picky as possible as to which the hit up. Sure, the climate doesn’t make a helluva lot of difference when you’re sitting in theater all day, but wouldn’t it just be so much cooler to be in, say, Rio de Janeiro watching movies?

DVD Releases: First of '08!

Welcome in 2008 with these DVDs coming your way Tuesday, January 1st, 2008...