Tomaselli Casting for Torture Chamber

The director of Horror and Satan’s Playground is on his way back with a brand new horror film called Torture Chamber. Moviehole found a casting announcement for it in Backstage Magazine and was kind enough to throw up the film’s synopsis. Dig:

Stockwell Finds Sanctuary

Word has come down via Variety this morning that a director has been chosen to helm Sanctuary, the Stephen Susco-scripted adaptation of John Connolly’s novel Bad Men.

Gods, Ghosts and the Dead at E3!

Well Sony and Nintendo didn?t really have much for us horror fans at their conferences, which is a shame since both have high profile horror titles heading to their systems, but that doesn?t mean that we don?t still have a stack of stuff to update you on.

'Zine Review: Rue Morgue #80

Issue #80 July 2008

Outlander's Second Trailer Crashes to Earth

Outlander is probably the most unexpected release of 2008. The concept of an evil alien being battled by Vikings and another (good) alien may sound pretty strange, but somehow it looks like Howard McCain is making it work.

Bay Gives F13 & Ouija Update

Hollywood Insider chatted it up with Michael Bay recently about all the various explosive pies his dynamite fingers have been in: Transformers, Ouija and the hot topic known as Platinum Dunes' Friday the 13th.

Evil Toys at SDCC!

With San Diego Comic Con only a week away (July 23-27th), we are getting pelted with information on the show from all sides. It’s now become impossible to buy even half of the exclusives on sale there, as you’d have to be rich AND some are so limited, you’d need a small army just to stand in line for you.

Banned Dead Space Trailer!

Could it be? A trailer for a video game that was so extreme, it was actually banned? That’s what EA Games is telling us about the “Lullaby Trailer” for the upcoming survival horror game Dead Space.

Sexy Trio Join Night of the Demons Redux

I always said they’d need a very hot group of women if they were going to remake Kevin Tenney’s Night of the Demons, and it looks like director Adam Gierasch agrees with me!

More Dead of Night Details

With Dylan Dog finally headed to the big screen under the U.S. title Dead of Night, one has to wonder if it will pave the way for other iconic comic book characters who fight monsters. I’m thinking a Cal McDonald movie would be very nice…

E3 2008: Microsoft's Horror Parade

As we had hoped, during yesterday’s Microsoft E3 press conference a number of titles interesting to us horror fans were rolled out and put center stage. We already talked about Resident Evil 5 yesterday, but also demonstrated on stage were Gears of War 2 and Fallout 3.

Coogan Enters the Dark Woods

We received a heads up today that Zombie Honeymoon (review) star and all around cutie Tracy Coogan is preparing to take on another starring role in Mike Escobedo’s Dark Woods.

Warner Bros Finds Lost Planet

With E3 going down right now, I can imagine we’re going to be seeing more announcements like this in the coming days. Variety caught wind this morning that Capcom and Warner Bros. are teaming up to bring Lost Planet to the big screen, with Watchmen screenwriter David Hayter on board to pen the script.

New Repo! Character Interviews

For those of us stuck in the States and missing out on the world premiere of Repo! The Genetic Opera (review) at Fantasia this week, there's a lot of time to kill between now and its November 7th release date.

Exclusive: First Look at Cameron Romero's Staunton Hill Trailer!

We first brought the new film from Cameron Romero (interview), Staunton Hill, to your attention a few weeks back. Since then we've been in close contact with Romero and the film's producers to get you even more info, and our perseverance has paid off in spades today; We’ve got the exclusive first look at the Staunton Hill trailer for you, only on Dread Central!