Exclusive: Game Producer David S. Cohen Talks Saw Video Game

With the release of Saw V upon us, we had a chance to get a few questions in to video game producer David S. Cohen about what kind of bloody twists and turns we can expect when the popular horror franchise hits consoles next year!

Sink Your Fangs Into the Underworld 3 Trailer

I may be no fan of the previous installments, but the third Underworld flick, Rise of the Lycans, is actually looking pretty decent. And it's not just because Rhona Mitra looks damn hot in armor!

Check Out Sweatshop's Retro Poster!

In a world full of floating heads, some filmmakers are making us smile by going retro with their movie posters. One such case is the brand new poster for Ted Geoghegan and Stacy Davidson's Sweatshop!

Exclusive: New I Sell the Dead Poster!

Dig it! Glass Eye Pix artist-in-residence Brahm Revel is the man responsible for this badass poster for the upcoming period zombie film I Sell the Dead, and you’re only going to see it on Dread Central!

Details on New Indie Anthology Slices

We got some info in our inbox today about another new indie film you’ll be hearing a lot about soon called Slices. Instead of being a standard narrative, though, this one’s an anthology in the vein of Creepshow and Twilight Zone: The Movie.

Friday the 13th Trailer!

All right, finally a good quality look at the trailer for Platinum Dunes’ Friday the 13th reboot! I have to admit I never expected it would show up on MySpace of all places, but that just shows what a smarty pants I am.

New My Name is Bruce Pics!

In anticipation of the upcoming release of the long-awaited My Name is Bruce, how about some new pics from the film? Yes, that will do nicely! The film premieres at the Alamo Drafthouse on 10/26 before its nationwide tour kicks in; click here for a refresher on the exact dates and locations where you can catch the film!

First Look at Indie Vampire Diaries

Last night an e-mail showed up with info and the first pics from a new indie vampire film called Bram Stoker’s Vampire Diaries. Normally I would dismiss this out of hand since, well, vampire movies generally suck, but something about this project made me want to share it with you guys.

Beyond the Dunwich Horror Comes Home

Though I’d love to tell you guys that Richard Griffin’s Lovecraft sequelization, Beyond the Dunwich Horror, will be available in Best Buys throughout the country very soon, that would be a blatant lie. And I’m trying really hard to stop lying so damn much. But the good news is you can still pick up the film right now with a quick trip to Scorpio Film Releasing!

The Madonna Next Book of Blood Film!

On the set of the latest Clive Barker adaptation to see its way to the big screen, Dread, STYD discovered which Books of Blood story will be adapted before Pig Blood Blues, which is set to roll sometime next year.

New Imagery from House!

Just got in a selection of new stills from the upcoming horror movie House which, as you surely know by now, is based on the novel by Ted Dekker and Frank Perreti. Roadside Attractions will release House in theaters on Friday, October 31st!

Get Your Sam, Max & Zombies Here!

I miss the days of old PC point-and-click adventures from Lucas Arts. They are indeed in short supply these days, though Sam and Max found new life via the Internet and Tell Tale Games.

My Bloody Valentine's 3D Poster!

In a way, I am really looking forward to Patrick Lussier's take on My Bloody Valentine. His Dracula 2000 was loads of cheesy fun, and this time around he has the whole 3D gimmick on his side; there is little that could go wrong here.

Screamfest 2008 Award Winners!

Well, another Screamfest is behind us yet again! Man it seems like these things take forever to get here and then are gone in the blink of an eye. This year’s winners have been selected and instead of droning on about how special they all are in their own way, as I am want to do, just dig on the list below!

Event Report: Rock and Shock 2008!

So the 5th annual Rock and Shock convention in Worcester, MA has come and gone and I have to say, this show keeps getting better and better as its reputation grows and word spreads about it.