AFM: Piranha Concept Art!

Now that Alexandre Aja is done playing with mirrors, he's ready to get back to the business of skin shredding mayhem! Aja has reteamed with writing partner Grégory Levasseur to bring us Piranha 3D for The Weinstein Company.

New Trailer for Live Evil

In the future vampires and creatures less than vampires fight one another for the honor of feasting on the last remaining pureblooded humans. You see, anything that can possibly change our blood makes it instantly undrinkable for a vampire. At least that’s the future according to Jay Woelfel’s Live Evil.

AFM: Another 30 Days of Night

More sequel news has come down via AFM, this time from STYD, confirming that a sequel to 30 Days of Night is in the works. I really hope no one is surprised by that. Word is that Steve Niles will be writing the screenplay with Ben Ketai.

AFM: Sullivan Planning The Chair 2

Kasch just called in from AFM with some good news for those of you who dug Brett Sullivan’s Ginger Snaps 2 follow-up, The Chair (DVD review); Sullivan and writing parner Michael Capellupo are currently writing a sequel, which is being called The Chair 2: Ressurrection of Crowe.

AFM: First Look at ... of the Dead Posters! UPDATED!

And the AFM goodies continue! Next up: Two looks at what we can expect from … of the Dead, George A. Romero's newest installment in the Dead mythos. And it's a better look now thanks to Andrew's providing us with clearer images.

AFM: Two Posters for Chatroom!

Butane just today reported the news that Hideo Nakata is helming a new project called Chatroom, and leave it to Andrew to send over our first look at not one, but two, posters for the film from AFM.

AFM: First Look at Dread Poster

Andrew's going to be checking in regularly from the American Film Market (AFM), which runs November 5-12, and he just sent over our first look at the poster for Anthony DiBlasi’s upcoming Dread.

In NYC? See Repo! for Free!

All right, two more bits of Repo! goodies to share with you guys in celebration of the film finally being released this Friday!

Nakata to Enter the Chatroom

Oh, how the mighty have fallen. Or at least have lost their footing quite a bit and look on the verge of hitting the ground face-first. Variety reports this morning that Hideo Nakata, the director of the original Ring, is getting ready to step behind the camera for a psychological thriller called ... it pains me to type this ... Chatroom.

AFM: New Sales Art for Parasomnia

The American Film Market kicks into full gear today, and as usual we can expect all manner of early production art to show up for movies that may not be done or, in some cases, even started filming yet. Bill Malone’s Parasomnia is not one of those; it's been done for a while now and it's being shopped around AFM with the new art you see to your right.

Untitled Gehenna Project Renamed Devil's Tomb

Looks like the film that’s always been referred to as The Untitled Gehenna Project, literally from the day it was announced, may have finally settled on a title. Variety reports this morning that the film is being called The Devil’s Tomb and that Voltage Pictures has just picked up the foreign sales rights for it.

Hellboy 2 Features Clips!

I know you guys can’t wait for Hellboy II: The Golden Army to finally hit DVD, so to hold you over till the film’s release next Tuesday (that’s November 11th, by the way), we’ve got a quartet of clips from some of the special features on the disc in Video Dread!

Gentle Giant's Freddy Bust

The guys at Gentle Giant have proven yet again why the have the best busts in the business. Wait, that didn’t mean what it sounded like; what I meant was that they make the best busts in the business. Just take a look at the new Freddy Krueger bust, which we’re just teasing you with below.

First Pics from Dolan's Cadillac

It seems odd; we’ve been talking about the film version of Dolan’s Cadillac, the adaptation of the Stephen King short story, for so long that now that it’s actually filming it almost doesn’t seem real. Maybe it’s because a relatively unknown helmer is directing it? Or maybe because Sly Stalone isn’t a part of it anymore?

Gurinder Chadha Wants a Wonderful Afterlife

My Big Fat Greek Wedding meets Shaun of the Dead? That's what Gurinder Chadha, the clever filmmaker behind the Indian take on Bride & Prejudice, is looking to accomplish with her jaunt into our favorite genre called It's a Wonderful Afterlife.