Hellboy 2 Features Clips!

I know you guys can’t wait for Hellboy II: The Golden Army to finally hit DVD, so to hold you over till the film’s release next Tuesday (that’s November 11th, by the way), we’ve got a quartet of clips from some of the special features on the disc in Video Dread!

Gentle Giant's Freddy Bust

The guys at Gentle Giant have proven yet again why the have the best busts in the business. Wait, that didn’t mean what it sounded like; what I meant was that they make the best busts in the business. Just take a look at the new Freddy Krueger bust, which we’re just teasing you with below.

First Pics from Dolan's Cadillac

It seems odd; we’ve been talking about the film version of Dolan’s Cadillac, the adaptation of the Stephen King short story, for so long that now that it’s actually filming it almost doesn’t seem real. Maybe it’s because a relatively unknown helmer is directing it? Or maybe because Sly Stalone isn’t a part of it anymore?

Gurinder Chadha Wants a Wonderful Afterlife

My Big Fat Greek Wedding meets Shaun of the Dead? That's what Gurinder Chadha, the clever filmmaker behind the Indian take on Bride & Prejudice, is looking to accomplish with her jaunt into our favorite genre called It's a Wonderful Afterlife.

BBC Gets Monsters Being Human

Those blokes in the UK seem to always be one step ahead of us when it comes to good TV. How many shows on our major networks right now are remakes of British series? Hopefully we’ll be picking up on this new horror trend hitting the UK shortly, too.

Official Coraline Poster!

The first official poster for Henry Selick’s soon to be masterpiece, Coraline, showed up over the weekend and you can see it in all its subtle wonder below. I’m guessing this is just early art and a more telling poster will be put out as we get closer to the film’s February release date.

First Look Behind Dark Woods

A while back we told you guys about a new horror movie being made which starred the very easy-on-the-eyes Tracy Coogan (Zombie Honeymoon) called Dark Woods. After the initial announcement all was quiet until today, when we were handed a stack of stills from the film which just wrapped its 14-day shoot!

Date & Specs for Splinter DVD

Toby Wilkins' Splinter is an original horror movie with no big name stars and has garnered positive reviews, so, naturally, it only gets a very small limited release. Like many of you, I'm dying to see Splinter but it isn't playing anywhere near me and odds are it probably never will. Take heart, folks, it looks like we won't have to wait too long for a DVD release.

New Murder Loves Killers Too Pics!

It’s been a while since we had any good updates on Murder Loves Killers Too (review), the oddly-titled indie slasher from director Drew Barndhardt, but we forgive the film's producers for their silence because they’ve satiated us with images of beautiful women!

Buy Twilight Tickets Early & Get Free Tunes

Summit Entertainment knows that you guys just cannot wait the additional couple of weeks until Twilight finally comes out, so they’ve decided to try and help ease your pain by allowing fans to get tickets early, and they’ll even give you a song if you do!

Saying Goodbye to Forrest J Ackerman

It's never easy to say goodbye to a legend. A man who gave his entire life to the genre that we love. That man is Forrest J Ackerman, and sadly he's slipping away as you read this.

Exlclusive: Cold Prey DVD Details!

Those sexy folks over at Anchor Bay just followed up on our first exclusive about their acquisition and subsequent DVD release of the Norwegian slasher film Cold Prey with a new exclusive about what will be on it!

7 Deadly Sinns: Killer Dolls!

Dolls! Oh, how I hate them. Their flat little frozen faces might appear to say nothing, but they’ve never fooled me! Sure, they don’t move; at least when you’re looking directly at them. They sit still and polite, dressed in their Victorian gown, clown suit, or whatever ridiculous garb they hope is charming enough for them to seem harmless. Don’t be fooled!

Creepshow: Raw Trailer!

Wilmer "Fez" Valderrama's upcoming web series Creepshow: RAW wasn't exactly something we were expecting or were really all that thrilled about back in August, but now we have a little more to base our judgement on thanks to a new trailer.

Mother's Day Scribe Found!

The question on everyone's mind right now has to be "What's the status of that Mother's Day remake?" Inquiring minds got what they wanted today in STYD's interview with Darren Bousman, wherein the Repo! director announced that a writer has been picked up for his eventual remake of the classically bad Charles Kaufman feature.