SDCC 08: Paul Anderson on Death Race Sequel

Paul Bartel's Death Race 2000 is one of my favorite films from the '70s. It outranks even Star Wars on my list, and I'm a hardcore SW nerd. So, of course, my heart sank when I heard Paul W.S. Anderson was taking the name and bringing his "bigger means better, especially with Predator claws" attitude towards the film.

SDCC 08: Friday the 13th Teaser Description!

Uncle Creepy just called in from Comic Con with a full description of the Friday the 13th teaser, which made a surprise debut at the show. On the right you can also see a first look at the remake poster, which is suitably creepy and cool. Ready for the description? Here we go...

SDCC 08: Supernatural Season 4 Update!

The Woman in Black just checked in from Comic-Con with "Supernatural" news! The panel for the popular WB series gave the audience a sneak peek of the first five minutes of season four! If you've yet to see season three, then please skip ahead a few paragraphs because we're about to give away a few important details. SPOILERS

Quarantine Director on Next Project, The Coup

In the interview we just posted with John and Drew Dowdle, respectively the director and executive producer of Quarantine, Uncle Creepy squeezed info out of the duo as to what they’ll be

Comic Con Gallery Update!

We just added another gaggle of images to our official Comic Con gallery, including signings from the After Dark Horrorfest booth, Feast 2: Sloopy Seconds and Robert Hall’s Laid to Rest (pictured). What are you waiting for? Check it out now and expect more soon!

SDCC 08: My Bloody Valentine Redux Poster

Yesterday we asked Nomad to go track down a good image of the poster for Patrick Lussier’s My Bloody Valentine 3-D redux at Comic Con, and as always he delivered in spades!

SDCC 08: New Horrorfest Poster!

This January 2009, the new After Dark Films Horrorfest rolls into theaters with a new selection of films and for the first time ever will feature a horror made specifically for the fest! Nomad was on hand at Comic Con with the new Miss Horrorfest when she did some signings at the After Dark booth, and you can get your first look at the new Horrorfest poster because of it.

SDCC 08: Suspiria Remake, Legend Prequel

As Comic Con rolls on, the boys over at STYD got their ears tuned to two somewhat sad and disturbing bits of info; the remake of Suspiria is still moving forward, and a prequel to I Am Legend is in the works.

SDCC 08: More Underworld 3 Details

Our man Tristan checked in a bit ago after sitting down with Underworld: Rise of the Lycans star Rhona Mitra with some more details on the sequel, due out on January 23rd, 2009.

SDCC 08: Drag Me to Hell Update

So, why did Sam Raimi finally decide to come back to the horror genre after years of making one of the most successful comic book film series of all time?

SDCC 08: The Dead Space Invasion!

On October 21st, EA Games is going to unleash one of the most anticipated horror video games of the year, Dead Space. The game would be enough to satisfy any genre fan but to sweeten the deal, EA is going cross media to make the story more tangible with a comic and animated film.

SDCC 08: Spooks on the Big Screen!

Now here’s something we didn’t expect to happen so soon. Ryan Schifrin’s comic book series Spooks (official forum) is going to be hitting the big screen! Our guys covering the San Diego Comic-Con phoned in with the news. Barry Joesphson (Enchanted) is set to produce, but a director ad cast has yet to be announced.

SDCC 08: Feast 2 & 3 Details!

One of the beast theatre experiences some of us DC'ers had was when Feast (review) got a very limited release. Seeing so much insane gore and monster dongs on a huge screen just can't be topped. Or can it?

SDCC 08: Terminator Salvation Report!

Tristan just checked in from after getting out of the Terminator Salvation panel with some encouraging news about the sequel.

SDCC 08: Raimi Terrorizes Television!

In my personal opinion, reality TV needs to go. Well, at least the stuff that is only about groups of soulless backstabbers should be canned. Give me "Wipeout" or "13 - Fear is Real" any day!