DVD Releases: The Short List

Halloween is past us so the list is gonna be tiny for a while, but there’s still some good stuff hitting DVD on Tuesday, November 4th, 2008. Check it out!

Smith Confirms Red State is Next

Kevin Smith is a determined man; you have to respect that. Even though he can’t seem to find anyone who will cough up the coin needed to fund his next movie, the heady horror film Red State, he’s not about to give up and just go back to making comedies.

Dante's Inferno to Universal

Not much is known about the upcoming game from EA that may or may not be called Dante’s Inferno when it hits the game market next year, but Universal has outbid three other studios to make sure they’ve got their hands on the movie rights for it so it’s got to be something pretty special.

Producer's Cut of Halloween 6 Official?

Uncle Creepy just phoned in with some interesting news straight from the Halloween: 30 Years of Terror convention in Pasadena, CA.

First Pic From Romero's Island of the Dead!

The first still from Romero’s next zombie opus, which we’re now officially referring to as Island of the Dead until we’re told otherwise, showed up on Halloween over at USA Today, of all places, as well as a bit

Art & Teaser for Takahashi's Goth!

A while back you may recall a small bit of news about J.T. Petty (S&Man, The Burrowers) working on an adaptation of the popular Japanese book/manga Goth: A Novel of Horror. What may not have been mentioned was that Gen Takahashi was also working on one in the book’s homeland, as well, which is much further along.

Akkad Talks Halloween 2!

Creepy just checked in with us from the Halloween 30 Years of Terror convention going down in Pasadena, CA with some news direct from Malek Akkad about the sequel to Rob Zombie’s Halloween!

First Offspring Poster, Pic!

We just got a heads up from the guys at ModernCine with the good news that their next Jack Ketchum adaptation, Offspring, will be shown off at this month’s American Film Market. The film's not going to be done until December, but they're making sure distributors are aware of it with the sales art you see on your right.

Behind the Scenes of La Horde

A bunch of new behind-the-scenes stills from the upcoming French zombie movie La Horde have shown up over at Cinema Fantastique and as you can see from the sample on the right, they’re pretty damn sexy! In a gory, blood-drenched kinda way, of course...

Warner Bros. Test Screening Trick 'r Treat!

It’s not much, but it’s something … just got word from one of our sources close to the film that Warner Bros. is finally test screening Trick ‘r Treat for audiences! I’m still not 100% on how the test screening process works, but it’s still a good sign that they’re trying to figure out what to do with it.

His Name Was Jason Premiere Set!

The highly anticipated documentary about all things Jason Voorhees, His Name Was Jason: 30 Years of Friday the 13th, is finally all cut and ready to roll out for fans! We got a heads up today that the documentary will be premiering at the upcoming 2008 Starz Denver Film Festival as part of the festival’s celebration of soon-to-be classics, The Watching Hour.

Two More Horrorfest Posters

Two more posters for titles that are part of this year’s Horrorfest have appeared online. We had your exclusive look at the Butterfly Effect: Revelations poster, B-D had the Slaughter poster, and below you can find the teaser images for The Broken and From Within (review).

Clip from Eric Red's 100 Feet!

We missed this little Halloween treat yesterday but, as you can see by the amount of stories we did, it was about the only thing we missed. Man yesterday was nuts!

The Weekly Wrap-Up: October 25-31, 2008

Any week that ends with Halloween is a good week, and October 25-31, 2008, definitely lived up to its potential.

Laid to Rest Clip!

Now this should make for a Happy Halloween; Robert Hall just dropped us an exclusive clip from his next film, Laid to Rest, which you can check out below! The story follows a girl who wakes up in a coffin, unaware of how she got there and pursued by a relentless madman in a mask.