Watch the Twilight Premiere as it Happens!

Are you a Twilight fan looking to dig on the outside festivities from tonight's premiere? Well look no further as we bring you all the streaming video of the event that you could want! Watch your volume though; the bevy of chicks there are screaming rather LOUDLY!

Exclusive: Behind the Scenes of Walking Distance!

We just received a heads-up from Closet Space (review) director Mel House that the trailer for his latest mindbender, Walking Distance, is very close to being upon us. He’s currently shooting for a debut sometime near Thanksgiving, though the outlet has not been determined yet (I vote for Dread Central; don’t you?)

DVD Releases: Diary of a Stendhal

A good selection of horrific new releases await you come Tuesday, November 18th, 2008. Fill up before Thanksgiving is upon us!

Full Plot for Feast 3: The Happy Finish

The full plot for Feast III: The Happy Finish has finally been revealed to the boys over at STYD, and since I know you’ve been waiting with bated breath since the end of Feast II: Sloppy Seconds to find out what happens next, I won't make you wait any longer...

McQuarie to Pen Monster of Florence

The screenwriter behind the upcoming Tom Cruise film Valkyrie, Christopher McQuarie, has signed on with United Artist to pen the script from Monster of Florence according to this morning’s Variety.

Discover the Horrors of Growth

Back in the late 80’s, a study on Cuttyhunk Island gave scientists the first real taste of jumping up the evolutionary ladder. As with most experiments that fuck with Mother Nature, though, something went very, very wrong and the island lost 3/4 of its population.

Pics & Updated Trailer for Aftermath

Over the weekend the guys behind the upcoming Canuck post-apocalyptic film Aftermath, which we gave you guys the first word on a few days back, updated us with a series of behind-the-scenes stills from the trailer’s shoot, as well as a higher quality version of the trailer itself! Both are featured below so scroll down to check them out, then hit the official Aftermath site to learn more!

Eckhart Signs on for Battle: Los Angeles

Say what you will about Billy Dee Williams; I really think Aaron Eckhart pulled off the best portrayal of Harvey Dent in The Dark Knight, so his addition to the cast of Jonathan (TCM: The Beginning) Liebsman’s Battle: Los Angeles gives me a bit more hope for the film than I previously had.

Teaser for Doug Buck's Broken Imago!

Finally, the long-awaited teaser trailer for Doug Buck’s The Broken Imago is online and ready for your critical eyes to pass judgment upon! Or just enjoy the imagery, whichever is easier for you...

Director Talks Dead of Night Status

I know a good percentage of you guys have never read Dylan Dog, the Italian horror comic that is the basis for the upcoming movie Dead of Night, but that ignorance shouldn’t prevent you from looking forward to the film. It sure isn’t dampening my anticipation of it!

Re-Animator Series Planned

I’ve heard rumblings that someone out there might be bringing Dr. Herbert West back to horror fans in one capacity or another, but never did I imagine it would be as a teenager. And before I go much further, allow me to sum up in one word how I feel about this entire concept; Ugh.

First Look at Cage & Perlman in Season of the Witch

The first pics of Nic Cage and Ron Perlman in Season of the Witch showed up on Moziplussz recently, neither of which reveal much other than the fact that they’re both wearing a shitload of armor. Looks very warm.

Grimly & Del Toro Hatch New Pinocchio

Now here's some good news to brighten your weekend; a darker, more horror-friendly version of Pinocchio is being developed by Guillermo del Toro, The Jim Henson Company and Gris Grimly, according to Variety. Wow, with a team like that behind it, you know it’s going to be interesting if nothing else.

Reeves Talks Let the Right One In Redux

I know most of you who have seen Let the Right One In are concerned about the upcoming remake of it from Cloverfield helmer Matt Reeves, as well you should be. But maybe it won’t be so bad?

The Weekly Wrap-Up: November 8-14, 2008

Gotta make this a quick one. Famous horror author Joe Knetter and his stunt ass are hitting SoCal this weekend so this Woman needs her rest. Lord knows what manner of mayhem awaits.