Exclusive Interview: Dark Moon Rising: Ginny Weirick

Being that it is Halloween, we figured it's the perfect time to revisit our series of Dark Moon Rising video interviews. This time? The main chica, Ginny Weirick!

Poster & Trailer for Solet's Grace!

It’s been a while since much has been said about Paul Solet’s feature-length debut, Grace, but thanks to the upcoming AFM we finally can get an idea of how it’s going to look.

Terror From Beneath the Earth's Halloween Tease

For the past 2-3 years an enterprising filmmaker named Christopher R. Mihm has been making his own homegrown homages to the classic black & white sci-fi monster movies of yore. I reviewed his first, Monster from Phantom Lake, a while back. Since then he has produced It Came from Another World and Cave Women on Mars.

Sales Art for House of the Devil!

Now this is just a badass poster. I know it’s simplistic and maybe doesn’t tell you much about the film (what poster does nowadays?), but that’s the reason I love it so much; it fits the mood of Ti West’s House of the Devil perfectly.

New Friday the 13th Pics, Video

So we got to put up our Friday the 13th set visit yesterday and, personally, I thought it was pretty cool. Leave it to MTV to come along and show us up not only with some exclusive new pics from the film, though granted only two and nothing terribly exciting, but also a video report from the set!

Spooktacular 2008 Almost Done!

All right, so maybe I’m a little behind in pointing this out to you guys, but hopefully I’ll be forgiven since October is a notoriously crazy month for us, as you know.

Dinner for Fiends: Halloween Blowout!

Well here it is! You've waited all month for us to spew forth some love and or venom regarding our busiest month of the year and as usual we're pulling no punches.

Dead of Night Ready to Roll?

Sure, Watchmen and other big name comic book adaptations may be getting all the press, but the one I am looking forward to the most isn't full of spandex, it's the upcoming Dylan Dog adaptation, Dead of Night.

English Viy Trailer!

It has been a few years since we last heard anything about the remake of Viy (official site) directed by Oleg Stepchenko, but finally something showed up that should please all English-speaking horror fans.

Exclusive: Screenwriter Talks Bubba Nosferatu Casting!

This morning the guys at AICN had an interview with Paul Giamatti up in which he announced that Ron Perlman was looking to fill the blue suede shoes of Elvis Presley in Don Coscarelli’s Bubba Nosferatu. We told you about it cause we love you, and now we have official word from Bubba Nosferatu writer Stephen Romano on the casting!

Lady Blood Poster & Trailer Are Here!

Back in 1990 the bizarre horror film Baby Blood (review here) freaked out a lot of people who were expecting some kind of run-of-the mill killer baby film. The story involved a cruel circus owner whose pregnant wife became infected with some kind of evil creature that demanded blood.

Martyrs on DVD February 24th!

Well, you won’t have to wait too much longer to find out if Pascal Laugier is the right choice for the remake of Hellraiser; the boys at Quiet Earth got word today that Martyrs is headed for DVD on February 24th, 2009!

Bulldozers? Tentacles, Zombies? New Crawler Details!

This past April I first reported on a horror movie in the works called Crawler, a sort-of updating of the notorious 1970's TV movie Killdozer. Info was scarce at the time, but now we've got new info on the plot, awesome new promotional artwork, and a new teaser trailer. Not every rampaging bulldozer movie you see where the dozer has tentacles.

Tons of News on Kurtzman's Bump!

This has really been the week for news on Bump, the Fangoria Graphix comic that will be headed to feature film land soon courtesy of The Rage director Robert Kurtzman.

Strike TV is Live!

All right, it’s time to celebrate the independent spirit and show those who stood up and kept working during the Writer’s Strike how much we appreciate them. How can we do that? By checking out Strike TV, which went live today and features, among many other original short programs, Tom Holland’s “5 or Die” (pilot review).