DVD Releases: Feel the Chill

Not a helluva lot to choose from this Tuesday, November 25th, 2008. I guess its good you’re so broke then, eh?

'Zine Review: Rue Morgue #84

Issue #84 November 2008

Laugier Focuses on Details

The latest guy attached to the Weinstein Company’s remake of Hellraiser, Martyrs director Pascal Laugier, has just signed on with Paramount Vantage to helm a movie called Details according to this morning’s Variety.

Twilight Rules the Box Office; Sequel Confirmed

Thanks to a $70.6 million opening weekend, the teen protagonists of vamp romance Twilight will definitely be returning for at least one sequel.

Uncut My Bloody Valentine DVD on the Way

For years fans have been clamoring for an uncut version of Eighties slasher favorite My Bloody Valentine. When the film was residing at Paramount, the studio went so far as to claim that the excised footage no longer existed. Enter Lionsgate to investigate.

North American DVD Art for Gutterballs

Nothing says horror quite like a bowling alley. Am I right? I mean come on, there are the fat sweaty guys and their wrist protectors, the chicks with sideburns, and all those horrible smelly shoes that millions of unclean fungus-happy feet have made home over the years.

The Last Battleground Trailer is now LIVE!

Looking for nearly five minutes of flesh-tearing goodness that ushers in the end of the world? Man, I know I am! The official trailer for the latest indie epic from Sonny Fernandez, The Last Battleground has just hit the net, and I have to say ... it's looking pretty damned violent.

Two Twilight Reviews Help the Hysteria

Screaming chicks! Long lines! A very wisely placed sale on Kleenex tissues! Millions of tormented men, paying their penance for digging on last week's new Bond movie! What could this all mean? Why the premiere of Catherine Hardwicke's big screen adaptation of the "young adult" phenomenon Twilight of course.

The Weekly Wrap-Up: November 15-21, 2008

Let's face it. Teenage girls like looking at hot teenage boys just as much as vice versa. And if they're also hot vampires, all the better.

Killer Tomatoes Attack Comic Book Racks!

I couldn't tell you how long it has been since I've been in a comic book store, though I used to be an avid comic collector years ago. I might have to pay a visit to my local comic shop again this week to pick-up the first issue of a new comic based on the all-time bad movie classic Attack of the Killer Tomatoes.

Exclusive: Corey Haim & Tiffany Shepis Join Monsterpiece Theatre

Word just came in from Ethan Terra that Corey Haim and his soon to be Mrs., the-ever-so hot Tiffany Shepis, have officially joined the cast of the latest horror anthology Monsterpiece Theatre, which as you know features some of the writing stylings of our own Joe Knetter.

UPDATED: Repo Road Tour Expands!!

Good news came in from Darren Bousman today! Thanks to the sold-out shows everywhere that the Repo Road Tour went, even more dates have been added in more cities!

Video Clips From Parts Unknown

What the hell is From Parts Unknown? It’s an indie film from Australia we first told you about back in March and haven’t mentioned since. Don’t you keep up on anything? Sheesh.

Finally Four Flies on Grey Velvet Comes Home!

Were you beginning to think you’d never be able to complete your Dario Argento DVD collection? I know I sure as hell was; almost every single one of the man’s movies has been released on DVD, sometimes more than once, save for one: Four Flies on Grey Velvet. Until now!

Blitzkrieg for Christmas

I know the simple act of waiting for the new Nazisploitation movie Blitzkrieg: Escape From Stalag 69 has been hard on a lot of you (I get very emotional e-mails on an almost daily basis exemplifying just how hard) so I’m glad we can finally offer you some relief.