First ZombieFest '08 Guests Announced!

Well folks, the 2008 ZombieFest (official site) has just announced their first round of guests, and it's a good announcement. The first round includes original Dawn of the Dead zombies Sharon Ceccatti Hill (the Nurse Zombie) and Clayton Hill (the Sweater Zombie). Also onhand will be Sam Nicotero, whose films include Children of the Living Dead and The Mothman Prophecies.

Black Devil Doll on DVD December 31st!

Every time I show off the Black Devil Doll trailer to anyone, they always ask, "Where the f%&* can I get that?" Well, now we know where and when you can pick up your own copy of Jon Lewis' exploitation-fest!

Dead Space's Fourth "Misplaced Affection" Webisode is Live

We've been all over EA's upcoming survival horror game Dead Space for months now, and we're all giddy that the big day is finally approaching.

Wolfman Invades Halloween Horror Nights!

If you thought Universal Hollywood's Halloween Horror Nights was going to be rocking hard with just Freddy, Jason, and Leatherface, then think again!

Guttenberg Comes to Horror!

I always knew Steve Guttenberg would hang up the goofy guy persona that’s haunted him his entire career and either go on a killing spree or star in a horror movie. Fortunately it’s the latter, as it’s always sad to report on killing sprees.

More Hilarity From Green & Lynch

All right, those sickos known as Adam Green and Joe Lynch have uploaded the next segment in their epic series created exclusively for FrightFest! I hope these guys pool their resources someday and make a damn film together!

DVD Release List: Something New

All right, trying something a bit different here. Each week for countless years I’ve given you guys a full list of DVD releases hitting shelves, complete with my own descriptions of the film and links to buy 'em. The problem is that it’s a helluva lot of work and now that the Halloween season is upon us, my time is even more limited than before.

Grudge 3 Helmer's Splinter Site is Live!

The official site for Toby Wilkins’ feature debut, Splinter, kicked in the doors of the internet over the weekend and it’s very ... pointy. Lots and lots of sharp edges on this one, but don’t take my word for it; check out the Splinter site here to see what I mean.

Boston Gets a Feast of Flesh!

Hey, New Englanders, looking for a good way to kick-start your Halloween celebrations? While normally I would suggest some good old fashioned virginal sacrifices mixed with a healthy dose of bloodletting, this year I’m ready to try something different: a Feast of Flesh!

Uncut Friday the 13th Confirmed

A while back we gave you guys the first word that Paramount was finally laying down plans to get a real Friday the 13th box set out to fans (read it here), and over the weekend the first bit of confirmation came down from the wilds of Kentucky.

Red State a Test of Smith as Filmmaker

Before you commit too much eyeball time to this story, just know there’s nothing new in terms of where Red State is at production-wise, just a very interesting viewpoint from its director, Kevin Smith.

Exclusive Echo Game Shots

Director Brian Feeney threw some exclusive stills from behind the scenes of his directorial debut, Echo Game, which we gave you the first word on last week. Nothing too revealing so don’t worry for spoilers; keep it on Dread for updates on this very cool sounding indie!

Another Look at Silent Hill Homecoming

Some games just aren’t done justice by screenshots and Silent Hill Homecoming is one of them. Every time I see screens of the game, it tempers my excitement for it, but then I get to see new video footage, and it pushes my excitement right back up to max.

FearNet Gets Midnight Meat Train

All right, so Midnight Meat Train didn’t get the kind of theatrical play that would’ve made sense, but at least you won’t have to wait for the eventual DVD to check it out, as long as you get FearNet, that is.

Vomit on Your Friends in Left 4 Dead

We’ve talked before about the option to play as the boss zombies in Left 4 Dead, but it was starting to look like that might not happen. First of all the option was removed from the co-op mode to prevent anyone from coming in and ruining the fun of the survivors. Then a new competitive mode where you took turns playing as humans and zombies was talked about, though it wasn’t guaranteed to make it into the shipping version of the game.