Finally! Howard the Duck Comes to DVD!

On the one hand, Howard the Duck is not really horror related. On the other hand, the movie does have the cigar-chomping duck man waging war with a body-snatching alien called the Dark Overlord that eventually manifests itself in the form of a humongous insectoid bent on world domination. Ah, who cares one way or another? Howard the Duck is finally coming to DVD.

Prepare for a Terror Overload

Wow, two stories about movies with Joe Knetter in them in two days. If I’m not mistaken that’s one of the Biblical signs of the apocalypse. I could be wrong, though; it’s been a while since I’ve read my Bible.

Satanic Panic Mask Scores Distro!

Just got a heads up from the guys behind the upcoming indie film Satanic Panic, Marc Selz Productions, that a mask design used in the movie was just picked up by Chicago-based Zagone Studios for reproduction! The mask, which you can see in all its badass glory below, will be part of Zagone’s 2009 catalog and will be in select Halloween outlets next year.

Attend the Horrorfest III Kick-Off Party!

Now that the full roster of After Dark's 8 Films to Die For has been announced, what's a fan to do to kill time between now and January 9th, 2009, when the fest begins? How about attending the Horrorfest III Kick-Off Party to be held Saturday, December 13, 2008, at the Cabana Club in Hollywood?

New Ghostbusters: The Game Trailer!

Now that Atari officially has its hands on the upcoming Ghostbusters: The Game, it’s about time they started promoting it, don't cha think? Luckily they agree and debuted a brand-new trailer for the game at the recent Atari Live event.

Take a Ride on Haunted Airplane

Do you dare gaze upon the trailer for a motion picture bold enough to use the title Haunted Airplane? Yes ... Haunted Airplane. Because I guess a more gimmicky title like Poltergeists on a Plane sounds a little too passe now.

Zone Film Gets Roby's Piecemeal

I’ve not heard of anyone involved with this project, but sometimes those are the best kinds of projects to focus on for a bit. THR got word this morning that Zone Film is developing a new movie called Piecemeal, working from a script by Jeff Welch.

They Live Remake Official

Aw, goddamnit. That was the first thought that passed through my head when I read the headline on THR this morning that John Carpenter’s classic alien conspiracy film, They Live, is going to be remade. Universal and Strike Entertainment are in negotiations with rights holder Les Moughs to acquire the film rights.

Hilary Swank Joins Hammer's The Resident

Hammer Films continues to prove that they’re done messing around with direct-to-online films and are ready to start working on serious movies today with the first casting for Antti J. Jokinen’s The Resident: Oscar winner Hilary Swank, according to Variety.

Grudge 3 Gets an R, First Stills!

You know, rarely do I get excited about sequels. I loved the Ju-on movies, but for whatever reason, even with creator Takashi Shimizu at the helm of the American remakes, they still felt kind of stale. With the upcoming release of Ghost House Pictures' The Grudge 3 from Sony, some interesting surprises have been popping up. The latest one? Gone is the PG-13 rating, and in its place the MPAA has granted this third U.S. entry an R rating, the first in the franchise's history.

First Look at Cover Art for Grimly's New Poe Collection

We recently got an update from one of the hardest working men in horror, Gris Grimly, as to what he's been up to, and two items definitely stood out. First is Edgar Allan Poe's Tales of Death and Dementia, the long-awaited sequel to Grimly's 2004 Tales of Mystery and Madness.

15 Films in 5 Years for Dark Castle

Variety is reporting that Germany’s Studio Babelsberg has drawn up a five-year, fifteen-film production agreement with producer Joel Silver. The films will be produced under the banner of Dark Castle and are planned to be distributed by Warner Bros.

Anchor Bay Announces Alphabet Killer DVD Specs

Anchor Bay has announced the details of its upcoming DVD release of The Alphabet Killer, which is slated to hit shelves January 6th of 2009. This marks a mere one month wait after the film’s limited theatrical release, which is scheduled to begin in early December.

CW Sets Premiere Date for 13 - Fear is Real

Last summer when San Diego Comic-Con was in full swing, we reported on the new Sam Raimi-produced horror reality TV show called "13 - Fear is Real" …. and then promptly forgot all about it.

Final MBV 3D Poster Unveiled!

I've made no secret of the fact that one of my most anticipated films of early 2009 is Patrick Lussier's My Bloody Valentine 3D and no, it's not just because of Jensen Ackles' participation. Although it certainly doesn't hurt that we'll have a chance to see him stretch his wings a bit and portray a character other than Dean Winchester for a change.