Boogeyman 3 Stills & Trailer

For many of us our first introduction into the world of horror came from our parents telling us, "If you aren't good, The Boogeyman will get you!" To that I say thanks for starting me early on shitting my pants, mom and dad!

Timecrimes Poster Winner Announced!

Here at Dread Central we make a habit out of giving away cool stuff. Next up on our list of things we give out because we love you -- a signed poster for Timecrimes (review here)! In celebration of the film's limited theatrical release on Friday, December 12th, Dread Central, in association with Magnet and Six Shooter Films, is giving away 1 (one) poster for Timecrimes signed by director Nacho Vigalondo.

Punisher Talks Cirque du Freak

I’m still waiting for some more images to start surfacing from Cirque du Freak because something tells me when we start getting a look at the makeup in this film, the excitement level is going to rise dramatically.

Goodard's Cabin Moves to 2010

Not much of an update, but a sad one nonetheless; Box Office Mojo have learned that Drew Goddard’s Cabin in the Woods, which he co-scripted with Joss Whedon, has moved from its October 23rd, 2009 release date, which would have given horror fans something to choose from and leaves Saw VI likely the only game in town again, to February 5th, 2010.

Behind the Scenes of Monsterpiece Theater

That distant sound of hooves you're hearing is the Four Horseman finally come to lay claim to the Earth because for the third day in a row we’ve got info about another film project involving Famous Horror Author Joe Knetter.

Thirst Footage Found

There’s not a helluva lot to see, but a recent Korean TV report about Park Chan-Wook’s long-anticipated vampire film Thirst showcased the first footage from the film, which you can now see below. Though the film isn’t scheduled for release until May of 2009, hopefully there’s a lot more we’ll be able to share with you guys on it soon!

Dead Noon & Are You Scared 2 in February

You can always depend on Lionsgate to roll out some low budget horror movies to DVD, and this coming February won't be any different. Already announced for the shortest month of the year are a supernatural Western shooting for a Grindhouse feel and a direct-to-DVD sequel nobody except for the management at Lionsgate asked for: Dead Noon and Are You Scared 2.

New Friday the 13th Trailer is LIVE!

First a new poster and now a new trailer! That's what I call progress! Ready to see what this latest trip to Crystal Lake seems to have in store for us Jason loving faithful? You know you are!

The Horrors of Sundance 2009

One of the biggest and baddest film festivals of them all, Sundance, just recently announced the full slate of movies for this year's event, and in case you're wondering what genre offerings will be there for consumption, we detail for you some of the highlights!

Eisner Not a Lock for Creature Remake?

Some interesting news broke today regarding Universal's pending remake of the Fifties classic The Creature from the Black Lagoon. For months now we've been hearing (and dreading) the choice of Breck Eisner as director for the film, but in a recent interview it seems like we all may be in luck!

Twilight Dolls Coming Soon

Well it was only a matter of time, wasn't it? Twilight dolls are now on their way so let's get ready to accessorize, shall we? *Cues the incessant and shrill swooning of fifteen-year-old girls everywhere*

Repo! The Graverobber's Blog Now Online!

With Repo! The Genetic Opera enjoying one hell of a successful road tour around the country, you could bet that there would be lots of cool tales to tell surrounding the event. And who better to tell them than the Graverobber himself, Terrance Zdunich?

New Friday the 13th Poster Now Online

While the teaser poster was quite simple and exactly as it should be, the newest poster for the latest Platinum Dunes reboot, Friday the 13th, is nothing short of badass! Curious? Then come take a peek!

Pulse 3 DVD Artwork & Stills

It's been a while since we heard much about Pulse 3, the Joel Soisson-helmed second sequel to the American remake nobody asked for. But since the DVD drops in just a few weeks -- December 23rd to be exact -- Genius Products and The Weinstein Company have released the box art for the disc along with a couple of choice stills.

Poster for While She Was Out

Here’s one we keep skipping over coverage on for reasons I’m not entirely sure of (my vote is laziness). It’s definitely a good contender for our genre and if nothing else stars the babe-a-licious Kim Basinger, who just keeps getting more attractive the older she gets.