K.M. Jamison's Serial Teaser

Before Butane wakes up to do his morning constitutional, I'd like to bring your attention to something an independent filmmaker by the name of Kevin Jamison showed me today. You see, Kevin is trying to get funding together to turn one of his scripts, Serial, into a full-fledged film. So, he's created the promo video below to let people know just how serious he is about seeing his ideas come to life. Let us know what you think in our comments section.

Screamfest '08: Trailers for King of the Hill, The Collective, & Keepsake

Two new trailers have just appeared on MySpace TV and YouTube for a trio of the flicks that will be part of this year's Screamfest: Keepsake, The Collective and King of the Hill, and as always, we have them for you here. Dig on them below! Screamfest LA '08 runs October 10-19 at Grauman's Mann Chinese 6 Theatres in Hollywood, California. Visit the official Screamfest LA website for more information, tickets, and showtimes!

Exclusive Director Interviews: Screamfest LA

Screamfest LA '08 is primed to become one of the biggest and best horror film festivals this year, and you just know we had to do something special to celebrate!

Horror Spreading Across Spain

A new article focusing on the burgeoning film community in Spain appeared in Variety over the weekend (thanks to Heather for pointing it out), which makes mention of some very interesting sounding new films on their way from the country.

Splinter Podcast #3: The Wizard!

Toby Wilkins' indie film Splinter feels like it just exploded onto the scene recently. It's quite a nice surprise since it both looks cool and has promise: monsters, gas stations and two couples caught in-between this mess. Sweet deal!

Jigsaw is Really Sarah Palin?!

Is David Hackl's Saw V entering the political arena? Doubtful, but this bit of artwork by Michael Troy featuring Vice Presidential running mate Sarah Palin does put a new spin on the typical lifeless advertising campaigns.

Witchblade #121 Preview!

A Witchblade feature film may be some time off, but at least we still have the comic to keep us busy.

Halloween Horror Nights' Short Film Winner!

Hundreds of thousands of votes were cast, and now the winner of the first annual Halloween Horror Nights Short Film Competition has been chosen! It’s called “The Prank”, and it comes to you from William C. Howard of Fort Worth, TX.

Saw V Trailer Mashup Offers Big Prize!

LionsgateLIVE, the studio's YouTube page, is offering visitors a chance create a trailer that will also enter them into a contest consisting of two tickets to the opening of the fifth installment of the franchise and a trip to LA!

New Behind the Scenes Clip From Repo!

Still psyched to see Repo! The Genetic Opera this November? You damn well better be! If not, it’s no fault of ours; we’ve only been pumping you with info about it since the day it was announced...

Just Buried in NYC This Weekend

We just received word that a new death-themed comedy is premiering this weekend in New York, and while it’s not horror in the strictest sense, I bet more than a few of you will want to check it out.

First Third of NOTLD: Reanimated Done!

You may recall a while back we gave you all a heads up about an ambitious new project being put together that promises to show you Night of the Living Dead in a way you’ve never seen before: animated.

Fear(s) of the Dark Trailer!

On October 24th IFC Films will release the animated horror sensation Fear(s) of the Dark (review) in select theaters across the country. It will be, if nothing else, a very unique way to spend the Friday before Halloween, so I hope for your sake it’s playing near you.

DVD Releases: Pulsing Blu Rest Stops

We’re getting close to the best holiday ever, which means our DVD choices are going to become more and more varied. Never a bad thing! Check out the latest releases for Tuesday, September 30th, 2008 below!

Opening Sequence from Du Welz's Vinyan Online!

Despite (or maybe because of) the fact that it’s not been winning hearts and minds whenever it’s played, indeed from all account it’s been dividing more audiences than it has been uniting, Fabrice du Welz’ follow-up to Calvaire, the feral children thriller Vinyan, is a movie that fans are beginning to clamor for.