Slayin' Nerds at the LAN Party Massacre!

If you've ever played Halo online, you'll know just how annoying some hardcore gamers can be. Oh, how sweet of an untapped market this is for the slasher subgenre! No, I am not counting Stay Alive as gaming horror because that film was just an insult to anyone who has ever picked up a controller...

Project Origin Details

Are you a veteran of the video game franchise F.E.A.R.? Then you know all about the intensely violent combat, thick and rich atmosphere, mind-bending levels, and the blood lust of a little devil known as Alma.

Updated Journey to the Latest Rest Stop

Heard from the good folks over at Warner Home Video today that the DVD and Blu-ray releases of both Rest Stop and Rest Stop: Don't Look Back have been moved up a week to September 30th.

Anchor Bay Unleashes Bloodsucking Cinema

Ah, Vampires. There have been so many good movies that featured everyone's favorite "pulse smoking fashion victims" (bonus points for anyone who can name where that quote came from). From the silent era of film to the teen sensation that is Twilight, it seems as if audiences just can't get enough of them. Ever wonder what the fascination is? On September 23rd you'll be able to examine the facts!

German Far Cry Trailer

We got an e-mail from Dr. Uwe Boll today (seriously) with a brand-new trailer for his next video game adaptation, Far Cry. Of course, I didn’t realize it was all in German until it was uploaded, but that just makes it more fun!

First Look at Offspring!

Those evil bastards over at Fangoria took a trip to the wilds of Michigan recently to check out the set of Andrew van den Houten’s Offspring, the latest Jack Ketchum adaptation to be filmed. As you can see the film is looking just as gory as we had hoped ... and then some!

Quarantine Site Now Open

Just got a heads up from the folks at Sony Pictures that the official site for John Dowdle’s (interview) Quarantine has officially opened! Click here or on the poster below to start exploring the home for this remake of Spanish horror hit REC!

Trailer for John Skipp's Jake's Wake Online!

Ah, the religious freaks nuts out there, making life difficult for everyone. Always causing wars and making neighbors turn against one another. The ambitious Pastor Jake is taking it all one step further and bringing an apocalyptic demon horde back from the dead with him. Now that's forward thinking!

UPDATE: Bigfoot Found?

UPDATE: The press conference with the hunters has now been uploaded to YouTube. Check it out below! You’ve probably heard about this by now, but what the hell; it’s a slow news day anyway, right? Right.

Lionsgate to Chill Lovecraft Fans

Lionsgate has put out word of a new horror DVD release titled Chill they have scheduled for November 4th, because what better time to release a new horror movie than five days after Halloween?

Campbell Talks Evil Dead 4!

Oh, what the hell, we haven’t done an Evil Dead 4 story in a while, have we? Luckily The Chin got to jawing with MTV’s Movie Blog recently on that very subject, which gives us something to talk about.

Meet David Slade's Fubear & Meatdog

Not content to rest on his directorial laurels, David (Hard Candy, 30 Days of Night) Slade has created something called Fubear that has definitely piqued my interest … and probably will yours, too.

Rea & Company at Fright Night This Weekend

Growing up in the South, I never saw horror fests or film fests anywhere near me. But nowadays the lucky folks in Louisville, Kentucky, have the Fright Night Film Fest to enjoy.

Behind the Scenes of Creepshow: Raw!

So, after a series of e-mails sending us in all different directions, we've finally nailed down some facts about the Creepshow: Raw. Yes, Fez and Michael Madsen are still involved, but this time we have some video proof that this wasn't just some gag from Taurus Entertainment.

Be Seen at Screamfest? Submit by Friday!

Been holding out on getting your script, short or feature length film submitted for this year's Screamfest? Then it's time to get your ass in gear because the deadline to have your submission postmarked is TOMORROW, August 15!