Ghoulish Gary's First Art Show!

One of my favorite artists of all time and the creator of the Dread Central “giallo” logo, Rue Morgue’s lead inkslinger Gary Pullin, is finally having his very first art show this December in his home town of Toronto!

First Poster for Aftermath!

We just got the first look at a teaser poster for the upcoming post-apocalyptic film Aftermath, which is on its way from Canadian director Laurent Piche. Along with the poster, which you can see below, there's also word that some pretty big names are circling Aftermath right now in terms of studios, so keep your fingers crossed!

Madonna's Brother Comes to Horror

Though we don’t have a helluva lot of details, all right none outside of the title, I think it’s interesting enough to note that not only does Madonna have a brother with a last name (all right that's just news to me ... I don't keep up on such things), but he’s making his directorial debut in our genre.

The Alphabet Killer Finds Limited Theatrical Release

Anchor Bay announced today that their new psychological thriller The Alphabet Killer will be shown in a limited run starting Friday, December 12th. Additional screenings of the film are also planned in Rochester, Buffalo, Los Angeles, and New York. An exclusive and invitation only premiere will also take place at the NYC Cinema Village on Thursday, December 11th.

Midnight Meat Train Comes Home

After severely mistreating it theatrically, then sort of making up for it by giving it a good run on Fearnet, Lionsgate is finally bringing Midnight Meat Train into the station with standard and Blu-ray DVD releases on February 17th, 2009!

Glass Eye Brings You a Creepy Christmas!

Now this is what I call a Christmas celebration! You can keep your four-hour long Mass services and ritualistic chanting; I’m going to hang out with the guys and girls at Glass Eye Pix.

Four Minutes of Lake Mungo

I really can’t help but hate the title for the new Australian spook story Lake Mungo; I wish I could. There’s just something so goofy about it, maybe because it’s so similar to “Mongo”? Whatever the case, the film itself looks pretty slick, as is evident by a four minute clip that showed up over on cinematographer John Brawley’s site.

U.S. Poster for Donkey Punch

Wow, that is just a really bad poster. No offense to Magnolia, but the UK poster for Donkey Punch was a helluva lot more appealing than this one, which Fangoria got their hands on yesterday.

Poster & Site for New Ligeia Film

A new movie based on Edgar Allan Poe’s Ligeia is on its way, craftily titled Edgar Allan Poe’s Ligeia. Not going to fool anyone with that title, are they? This is the first we’ve heard of it in a long while, so there’s quite a bit to share.

I Am Legend Sequel Rumors

As if the 2007 revisionist take on Richard Matheson’s classic I Am Legend wasn’t enough, Ain’t it Cool News is reporting what the upcoming prequel/sequel might be about.

Got Time for the Two:Thirteen Trailer?

Serial killer flicks are a dime a dozen lately, and in certain cases I mean that literally (I'm looking at YOU, Ulli Lommel). However, every now and again one that looks like a winner gets thrown into the pack.

Kaiju Monster Invasion Heads to Miami

It just figures that after I leave Florida, quite possibly the coolest art exhibit ever is poised to debut in Miami's Art Center of South Florida.

Concept Art from Wake the Dead

There's no doubt Steve Niles is a driving force within our genre with classics like 30 Days of Night, etc., under his belt. With the film adaptation of Wake the Dead looming, it was only a matter of time before some concept art from the film broke. That time is now.

Left 4 Dead Downloadable Content Coming

There's no question Left 4 Dead is my candidate for Game of the Year. It provides hours of zombie-killing mayhem with, for me at least, an endless amount of replay value, but according to developer Valve, we've got lots of goodies coming to enhance an already great game via DLC!

Alien Raiders DVD Details

We've been keeping tabs on Alien Raiders for some time now, even if its various name changes have made that task a bit more difficult than usual. But that's all water under the bridge now that the official DVD artwork and extras have been announced.