From White Noise to Black Death

Like most horror fans, I wasn’t the biggest fan of White Noise; it had “safe Hollywood horror” painted all over it from the getgo. Yesterday, however, The Hollywood Reporter got word that White Noise director Geoff Sax is working on a new project that sounds pretty badass.

Trailer for Undead Rockabilly Movie Flick!

Those crazy bastards over at Twitch Film just got their hands on the trailer for Flick, a very cool-but-strange-sounding movie about an undead rockabilly teen and power of love.

More Names on the Wolfman List

Never before have I seen or heard of a film get the kind of directorial list that The Wolf Man is getting now that the original helmer Mark Romanek is off and likely crying in a beer someplace.

Twin Peaks Festival Tickets Now On Sale!

As I mentioned in my Twin Peaks Definitive Gold Box Edition review a while back, fans of the show continue to gather each year in the picturesque Snoqualmie Valley area of Washington for the Twin Peaks Festival.

New Pics From Malevolence Prequel

Icons of Fright just put up three new exclusive photos from director Stevan Mena's Malevolence 2: Bereavement. The prequel, about a child who is abducted and forced to watch nasty acts of his teacher/kidnapper, stars Terminator's Michael Beihn along with Alexandra Daddario, John Savage, Brett Rickaby, Nolan Gerard Funk and Spencer List.

The Return of the X From Outer Space

If you've never seen the 1967 Japanese giant monster movie The X From Outer Space, then you've missed out on one of the most oddball daikaiju movies of all time. That oddball factor is due in tremendous part to its title monster, Guilala (pronounced Goo-La-La), being one of the goofiest looking movie monsters to ever grace the silver screen. If you've never heard of Guilala, well, just take a good look at it. Body wise, it looks like a cross between a chicken, a dinosaur, and The Michelin Man.

Morlet's Mutants Live

Zast from DVD Alliance dropped us a line today with news that the site currently has up some new stills from French director David Morlet's Mutants.

Win Cash for Prom Night

Remember your prom? I do. Hell, to the right you can even check out a picture from mine. We didn't have any slashers, but there was a good chance someone was going to get shot. Ah, the good old days.

ModernCine's Home Movies Nears End

Though any information out there about this one is sparse at best (a credit to the producers, no doubt), we got word from Moderncine president Andrew van den Houten that work is wrapping up on the production house’s latest feature, Home Movie.

Victor Crowley Figure at Fear Fest!

As you’ve probably heard, all things Hatchet-related have seemingly happened because of either chance or good luck, from director Adam Green's support from Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider to its eventual release, and this latest development is no exception.

I Am Legend DVD Date, Specs

Warner Home Video has announced the DVD release date and specs for I Am Legend (review), the long awaited but somewhat disappointing latest adaptation of the Richard Matheson novel of the same name. If it only weren’t for all those damn CG beasts, it could’ve been a lot creepier…

Ratner in the Lead for Wolfman

I really wanted to avoid writing about this shit until we had more solid confirmation, and I guess this is good enough; Brett Ratner is not only in talks to take over The Wolfman after original director Mark Romanek’s hasty departure (“Romanek Off Wolfman” – January 2008), but he’s actually the strongest contender according to

RKO Announces Roseblood, Lewton Remakes

Wow, how touching is it that horror is what brought RKO and the Writers' Guild together for an interim agreement that will allow them to keep making movies? They were able to get together, hold hands once again if you will, all in the name of getting some horror out the door.

EVP: Talking With the Dead

A click of a button and the hiss of white noise fills the air. You remember the night you made the recording, alone in a room of a reputedly haunted location. With your recorder held high, you asked the questions, feeling a little foolish in the process. After all, you are first and foremost a skeptic, right?

Eye Auction to Fight AIDS

These past couple months sure have been loaded with charitable causes involving the horror genre. We've already battled cancer and starving children, so it is time to help children who have AIDS. What will we use to aid in this fight against the horrible disease? The Eye (review) of course!