Massive Brainjacked Update!

We recently heard from our buddies Andy and Andrew of The Film Ranch, and they let us know that their most recenty feature, Brainjacked (set visit), is deep in post-production. What does that mean? Updates and hopefully videos will be popping up more frequently.

The Birds Barbie!

Just when you didn’t think you could see any weirder stuff on this here site, we slap you upside the head with Barbie! But she’s not just any Barbie, oh now; she’s a Tippi Hedren Barbie from Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds!

The Gate Sequel DOA

It’s been a few months since we’ve heard anything more about The Gate: 20 Years Later, the proposed sequel to the 1987 Tibor Takacs film about kids who open a gate to hell in their backyard. While months of silence are usually normal for a Hollywood production as things fall into place, the news is sadly not good for this particular sequel.

Start Date for Whedon's Cabin in the Woods

Well, it’s not a ton of new information, but at least we can keep Joss Whedon’s Cabin in the Woods close to the front of your brainpan again for a bit, right? Right!

Exclusive Igor Clip!

Igor is out in theaters right now, and hopefully you guys have read our review and will be getting out to see it this weekend. To encourage you even further, we managed to procure an exclusive clip which showcases the sense of humor of both the movie and its creators.

Mike Costanza Launches EerieTube!

With all the remakes, prequels, and sequels being shoved down horror fans' throats these days, more and more of us are turning to the Internet in search of fresh, original content. And now, thanks to Mike Costanza's EerieTube, we have a new place to hang out.

David Goyer Set to Flash Forward for ABC

This story might be a little more sci-fi than horror, but considering the parties involved, I don't see how we can pass up covering it. The Hollywood Reporter reports that "Flash Forward", the script for which was penned by David Goyer (pictured) and Brannon Braga, is close to landing at ABC with a pilot order.

Dinner for Fiends: The Death of Horror

Yes, that’s right, horror is dead. All right, maybe not dead exactly, if it were we’d be out of a job, but it’s certainly not looking too healthy. It's emaciated, too pale, and tufts of hair keep falling out.

Ghost House to Remake Danish Substitute

As if tapping into the works of the Koreans, Japanese and Spanish wasn’t enough, Hollywood is now setting its remake sights on the Danish.

Sideshow's Got a Tiffany For You

We’ve still got over a month to wait before Sideshow Collectibles’ annual Spooktacular event rolls out, but that doesn’t mean they’re going to be holding all their new horror collectibles close to their chest.

Poster for Walled In

The poster for the new architectural horror film Walled In found its way online today, and a quick check around the Net shows that the film’s official site has recently gotten a nice upgrade and is full of info on the movie.

Sci Fi Orders Warehouse 13 Series

The masterminds behind the Sci Fi Channel are stretching themselves yet again into the realm of horror, without actually saying outright that they’re working in our genre, with a new show they’ve greenlit called “Warehouse 13”, according to Variety.

Exclusive Interview: Dark Moon Rising: Billy Drago

We've been telling you about Dana Mennie's creature feature Dark Moon Rising for quite a while now. So much so that we figured maybe it's about time for the cast and crew of the film to do some talking of their own!

Exclusive Clip from Pulse: Afterlife

Ah yes! The digitally transmitted spookers will soon be upon us again! As a means to officially whet your whistle, we have another clip to share!

After Dark Horrorfest III Revised Dates

We've been keeping close tabs on the 8 Films to Die For that will be playing during the upcoming After Dark Horrorfest III, and today we got the news that the dates of the fest have shifted slightly to January 9-15, 2009.