CSI's Chick Chop Shop

Whenever CBS airs a genre themed episode of "CSI," we like to let you guys know (“CSI Goes to Hell” – January 2008). This week just happens to contain such an episode...

The Dead Need a Babysitter

I've been collecting figures from Sideshow Collectibles for a number of years now. With all honesty I can say that their best line isn't based on any film, but a whole horror sub-genre: zombies.

SOTA's Colorful Cthulhus

The last time we looked at SOTA Toys' upcoming 14" tall resin Cthulhu statue, we knew it was coming in green and some varients were to follow (“SOTA Unleashes a Big Old One” – February 2008). Well, today we got in the pics of what the Old One would look like in a couple different shades.

Roth's Greats in Hollywood

I know during your multiple re-watchings of Hostel and Cabin Fever, you’ve probably asked yourself over and over “Self, what inspires Eli Roth?” Head out to the New Beverly Cinema in LA starting this Sunday and you can find out!

Breathnach's Mist Exclusively Irish?

Just the other day we told you about Paddy (Shrooms) Breathnach’s next film, Red Mist, which is currently lensing in Belfast (“Shrooms Follow-up Gets Four” – February 2008), but at the time we knew zilch about it.

ADF & Massify to Make Nightmares Real

For all you horror freaks who feel there’s nothing to gain by getting out there and trying to make a movie on your own, your time has come! Massify and After Dark Films want to make it for you! A new competition launched this week from the two companies to snatch up an idea from anyone on the web and make it into a horror film. Sound crazy? It probably will be, but who knows; maybe something truly genius will come of it.

Natali's Splice Will Satisfy

2009 still seems like a long way away, but the rewards that year will bring to the horror genre make it seem worth the wait. With '08 flooded by teen slashers and pointless remakes, it is comforting to know some filmmakers and studios are still willing to take a chance on projects like Splice.

Jessicka and Her Rabid Trailer!

Matthew Reel's Jessicka Rabid has been something that's been haunting me with morbid curiosity for some time. My fascination with this project got even stronger when we got word that the film's trailer was finally online. There may be something wrong with Jessicka, but there's certainly nothing wrong with her trailer!

Tell Tale Heart for Cox

These past few years have seen a lot of Edgar Allan Poe's works come to life on film. A certain tale about a heart and a murder looks to be the most popular with about five retellings currently finished or recently starting production. A lot of these listings appear to be indie films, but there is one that sticks out as being a bit more of a studio title (“Lucas Tells Tale” – November 2007).

New Look Behind Doomsday!

Director Neil Marshall, one of our headlining guests at Fear Fest 2, just put up a slew of new behind-the-scenes pics from his next feature, Doomsday, on his MySpace page. Doomsday hits theaters on March 14th!

Exclusive Clip From The Rage!

In celebration of both the February 26th DVD release of The Rage and the contest we just launched today for it, Screen Media Films was cool enough to send us over an exclusive clip from Robert Kurtzman’s new splatter epic. In it, you’ll witness just how vicious birds of prey can be when they’re both hungry and pissed off!

Fear Fest 2 Updates Galore!

All right, just under a month to go before Fear Fest 2 invades your consciousness, and you know you’re going to be hearing about it non-stop between now and its official kick-off on Friday, March 7th! Lots o’ updates to get through this morning, so here goes:

DVD Releases: Nothing to Get Outta Bed For

A small selection of digital disc delights coming your way this Tuesday, February 12th...

Icon Gets Activity, Ghost House Sequels to the UK

As the Berlin Film Festival goes down, deals are happening left and right for both old and new films.

Warner Music Nabs Chemical Wedding

While the flick is going to be more of a hard sell here in the states, Warner Music has jumped on Chemical Wedding, the directorial debut of Monty Python editor Julian Doyle which was scripted by Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson, with plans to give it a major theatrical push in the UK according to Variety.