Landis to Helm Gaines Doc

John Landis is returning behind the camera for another documentary about an influential funny man following Mr. Warmth: The Don Rickles Project, though admittedly one of a very different type of humor. Gallows humor, some call it.

The Signal Launches Webisodes

For a film that's getting a limited release, Magnolia Pictures sure is hyping up The Signal (review). Just a few days ago a new clip was released (“Laura and the New Signal Clip – February 2008") and then today part one of a new web series about the picture started exclusively on YouTube.

Dark Sky Films Catches a Shiver

Just got word in that the fine folks over at Dark Sky Films have nabbed themselves the rights to distribute Isidro Ortiz’s thriller Shiver a.k.a. Eskalofrio from Coach 14 today in Berlin.

Hellboy Valentines and Updates

Did you forget to pick up a card for someone on St. Valentine's Day? Don't worry, I am here to pull your ass out of the fire. For me to do that, however, you're going to need to head over to the official site of Hellboy II: The Golden Army.

Four More For Twilight

Man, I remember first reporting on Stephenie Meyer's Twilight coming to the big screen; good lord, that seems like a long time ago. As of now the project is currently in production in Portland, Oregon, and some new cast members have just been added.

This April They Do Not Die!

Seeing as it's Valentine's Day and all, I thought I'd share with you a story about a loving mother, her daughter and a undying population that wishes to feed them to a giant tentacled beast! Ah, nothing says "love" quite like a mixture of H.P. Lovecraft and zombies.

Garris Talks Fear, Bones

Word’s been flying all over the web today that Mick Garris is, officially, no longer involved with the NBC Masters of Horror re-creation, Fear Itself. Of course, Mick had to officially exit the project when the writer’s strike began, but we decided to drop him a line and confirm that he's still off now that the strike has ended, as well as verify the directors' names that were revealed yesterday.

Exclusive: First Look at Sweatshop Poster!

The cool, somewhat attractive ladies and gentlemen behind Sweatshop have provided Dread Central with the first-ever look at the official poster for the new slasher film, which you can feel free to gawk at below.

2 Jekyll 2 Hyde

If you're a fan of Robert Louis Stevenson's classic horror tale of dueling personalities. then you're going to be in luck come April and May as each month will see the DVD release of a new version of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

AvP: Requiem DVD Art, Date

Fox Home Entertainment has announced a street date of April 15th, 2008, for the DVD of Aliens Vs. Predator: Requiem (review), the little sequel that almost could.

Dead Rising Vs. Dawn of the Dead

It's been a long time coming. It's something I expected to happen a while ago, but Capcom's zombie epic has finally caught the attention of the MKR group (those that own the copyright to Romero's Dead films) and New Line Cinema, and they appear to be very close to taking legal action.

Midnight Man Rolls, First Casting

An interesting bit of news came down our way via e-mail yesterday regarding The Midnight Man, the directorial debut of Feast co-writer Marcus Dunstan, which we last updated you on back here.

Tons of Gallowwalker Stills Online

Even though the official site for the Wesley Snipes zombie movie Gallowwalker has been online for months, it was only recently that a very small link appeared on it called “Gallowwalker production stills”. You’ll never guess what’s found if you click on it...

Hellboy Gets Mugged

If there's one thing I wish stores like Target and such would carry more of, it'd be Hellboy stuff. I guess everyone's afraid that junior may see the word "Hell" and start saying it around the house, but parents are cool with those little prosti-tot dolls called Bratz...

Video Dread: Two New Diary of the Dead Clips!

Dead heads start your engines! Romero's latest zombie opus hits theatres this Friday, and to celebrate we've got our bloody little claws on some clips from the film! Where will you be when the end begins? Hopefully getting your ass to the theatres to check this one out!