Rec 2 Teaser?

A possible teaser trailer for the second [Rec] film has hit YouTube and as always we're letting you know. Be warned though ... this may not be legit but damn if it isn't cool!

Second My Bloody Valentine 3D Clip Now Live

You can almost smell the coppery stench of blood in the air as we draw ever closer to the release of My Bloody Valentine 3D and to celebrate we've got another clip for ya!

More Friday Special Editions Coming with Some "Interesting" Insight!

And the Friday news keeps on coming! There's no doubt about it; 2009 is shaping up to be Jason's year! Paramount Home Entertainment in association with King Media have tapped one of the creative minds behind the much anticipated documentary His Name Was Jason (expect a full review soon), Dan Farrands, has begun work on the special features for Friday 4, 5, and 6. His first order of business? Commentary tracks, and you may be a little surprised as to who was the first to show up!

Seven New Images From The Descent: Part 2!

The still photographer on The Descent: Part 2, Ollie Upton, just uploaded a set of badass stills to his official site, which you can see below. You may recall the sequel picks up with the only survivor from their run-in with the cave-dwelling monstrosities being dragged back to the site of her worst nightmares to help look for her missing friends.

Fortuna Teaser Appears

A teaser trailer for Barthelemy Grossman’s Fortuna, which is set in a futuristic world where one in one thousand are chosen to play a game that will elevate their societal standings, has appeared on the interwebs. We got it, so you should watch it!

Foycast V: 2008 Run Down!

Finally! After a six-month sabbatical, after a myriad of scheduling conflicts, after entirely too much procrastinating, the world famous Foycast has at long last returned! What better way to kick off 2009 than with a heaping helping of Foy and a side order of Creepy?

DVD Releases: The Netherbeast Alphabet

Some long-awaited titles finally hit DVD this Tuesday, January 6th, 2009. Now we just have to hope they were worth waiting for...

Preview of Top Cow's Broken Trinity: Angelus!

Top Cow just sent us over two covers, the inside front cover and seven pages from their new A Broken Trinity one-shot, Angelus. Here’s some plot for those of you not sure of where it’s coming from:

Official Amusement Site Open

The official site for Amusement, the long-delayed anthology from Warner Bros, has finally opened its doors to the public, offering up new images and more information for the film which is skipping its planned theatrical release and going straight to DVD on January 20th.

Relativity Nabs Rogue

After months of negotiations Variety reports that Relativity Media has officially snapped up Rogue Pictures from the hands of Universal Pictures, closing the deal for around $150 million.

Early Sculpt of New Myers Mask

Over on Rob Zombie’s MySpace page, the man has posted the first sculpts from effects man Wayne Toth of the new Michael Myers mask for his Halloween 2, one of which you can see on your right.

Dark Beneath Trailer & Stills!

Director Jack Messitt just dropped some more cool stuff in our laps from Midnight Movie, which hits DVD on Tuesday, January 6th. This time it’s a stack of stills and the trailer from The Dark Beneath, the “lost” cult film that is rediscovered and given a revival screening in Midnight Movie. The killer, as you known, pops off the screen and starts killing in the real world. Check out the stills and trailer from The Dark Beneath below, then scroll down a bit to pre-order the film via Evilshop!

First Look at Tales of an Ancient Empire

It's gone through a couple of cast modifications and a change in filming locations since we first heard about it back in April '08, but Tales of an Ancient Empire, Albert Pyun's follow-up to The Sword and the Sorcerer, is finally under way.

Grudge 3 Art & Date

Sony has finally released the artwork for The Grudge 3, the direct-to-DVD sequel helmed by Splinter director Toby Wilkins. The only extras on the DVD will be two making-of featurettes and deleted scenes when the disc streets on March 24th.

Myriad & Studio 407 Announce Night Projectionist

Studio 407 and Myriad Pictures already have their next planned collaboration while development on Hybrid continues: The Night Projectionist, according to Variety.