More Thai Gore in Meat Grinder

We don’t know what the hell it’s about, the Thai language is decidedly difficult to understand, all we know is Meat Grinder looks to be taking up the mantle Art of the Devil created in terms of Thailand-based gore extravaganzas. Check out the Meat Grinder trailer below and see what I mean. We’ll bring you more on this interesting slice of Thai madness as we learn it!

Saw VI Scream Queen Chosen

I don’t think you guys really realize how much we sacrifice on a daily basis to bring you the news. Here’s an example; I have to talk about a reality show in this story. Sure, it’s a reality show created by James Gunn and full of hot chicks, but a reality show nonetheless.

First Look at Lesbian Vampire Killers

I will admit it; when I hear about a film called

Metallica Exposes Zombie Conspiracy in All Nightmare Long Video

Metallica's new album Death Magnetic offers blistering guitars, a cacophony of double bass drums, and something overlooked by most modern rock bands: ZOMBIE ARMAGEDDON! Yahoo Music is hosting the premiere of Metallica's new video for "All Nightmare Long", which is the tale of Russia's experiments in cell re-animation and its incredibly effective application on the populace of the global atomic threat known as the United States of America!

Exclusive Interview: Max Ryan: Dark Moon Rising

The next in our series of exclusive video interview for Dana Mennie's upcoming creature feature Dark Moon Rising is ready, and this time we're set to hear from the film's big bad ... Max Ryan!

Necromentia Trailer is Live

It's amazing how quickly things move once a project hits the fast track. Just days after we told you about Pearry Teo's upcoming fright flick Necromentia, the trailer has surfaced online.

New Pics from The Unborn Now Online

Exclusive pics from The Unborn have just hit online. Are you guys ready to be spooked by merciless dreams and a tortured ghost?!? Arrow in the Head holds the answer you seek! Oh, and don't forget your nightlights.

Check out Jason's Sack in New Friday the 13th!

Our brothers in harm over at STYD scored themselves the first look at Jason flaunting his sack from the upcoming Platinum Dunes remake of Friday the 13th. Gotta say, I still dig this look a bit more than the hockey mask, but then again ... I'm old school.

Quarantine and Screamers 2 DVD Specs

Specs for two upcoming DVD's dropped today, both courtesy of Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. Wanna know what to expect from Quarantine and Screamers: The Hunting when they hit home? Keep reading to find out.

Slamdance Sets Line-up for 2009 Fest

According to Variety, Slamdance has chosen Glenn McQuaid’s I Sell the Dead to kick off this year's festival, which runs in Park City, Utah, January 15-23, 2009.

Yuzna's Komodo Films Presents Fear Anthology

Last month we told you guys about yet another foreign production house that Brian Yuzna helped create called Komodo Films. The big announcement at the time was that Komodo would be producing a trio of 3D films out of the gate, but it seems they’ve had their hands in other movies as well.

DVD Releases: Anamorphic Legend

A small list of digital horror offerings for Tuesday, December 9th awaits. Do not fear, though, fiends, as much bigger, more exciting DVD lists are coming as we approach the holidaze!

Exclusive: Bousman & Zdunich Talk Repo at Boston Tour Stop!

On Saturday night my lovely wife and I headed out into the chilly New England weather to brave the line of fans anxiously awaiting their chance to finally see Repo!

First Look at Red Mist DVD Art

Paddy Breathnatch made his unique name known with Shrooms (DVD review), one of the first horror movies made about the dangers of psychotropic mushrooms (well, kind of). Now he’s back with Red Mist (back from its modified title of Freakdog), which Anchor Bay has prepped for a DVD release on February 10th.

Exclusive Pics From The Id Proxy

This morning we were provided with a batch of stills from the upcoming indie slasher The Id Proxy, which is coming our way from director Matthew C. Dumond. The story follows a man named Will, pushed to the edge by events beyond his control, whose despair leads to a psychotic rage that no one will walk away from.