First Look at Kill Theory

Ack, college kids. Celebrating. Maniac killer. What more do you need to know about Kill Theory to make it sound more uninteresting? Hopefully Chris Moore did something fresh, or at least fun, with his debut, which has been in the wings for months now.

Happy Holidaze from Dread Central!

The big day is here! The day you wake up in heated anticipation, already sweating with worry that your wife/girlfriend/mother/sister (hopefully not all the same person) will love what you got for them, anxious to see that look in their eyes the moment they find that you’ve bestowed them with...

Dinner For Fiends: Christmas Fear!

Did you really think we'd let the holiday season come and go without at least one more edition of Dinner for Fiends? Well, maybe. There is jack-shit goin' on horror-wise but we delivered anyways!

Art & Trailer for Bessoni's Imago Mortis

It is said that, back in the days before photography was a mainstay of the world at large, early practitioners of the art attempted to use a form of it to capture human souls. Of course, the only time the soul could be captured was when it was leaving its host body, and the only way that could happen is death, so said practitioners were not what one would call well regarded.

Trailer for Post-Apocalyptic Animated Feature 9

I know I’m about as sick as I can be of Tim Burton and his works, one of the reasons I’m not looking forward to Alice in Wonderland, but in this case he only served as a producer, alongside Night/Day Watch helmer Timur Bekmambetov, and the result is more than worth paying attention to.

Exclusive: First Look at Brainjacked Trailer!

The very cool guys behind the upcoming indie feature Brainjacked just dropped the official trailer for the film in our laps as an early Christmas present to gore fans everywhere!

First Monsters Vs. Aliens Trailer!

I’ve been waiting for something to see from the upcoming animated film Monsters Vs. Aliens since the first word came down on the film, but information has been slow in the coming, to say the least. Finally a trailer has arrived, and thankfully it was worth the wait!

8 Films to Die For Soundtracks Available in January

We’re up to Year 3 of Horrorfest’s 8 Films to Die For series, and this time around they’re including a bonus release of digital music downloads. After Dark Films is working in conjunction with Primary Wave Special Markets in releasing the first branded soundtracks for the horror festival.

Repo! Road Tour 3 Kicks Off January 13

It’s Round 3 for Repo! The Genetic Opera. The little film that wouldn’t die is set for another go at independent theaters across the country this coming January 13th, 2009, in anticipation of the soundtrack and DVD release on January 20th.

Two Exclusive Offspring Stills

Andrew van den Houten’s Offspring is pretty close to the top of my list for most anticipated adaptations of 2009. The Jack Ketchum book on which it’s based is one of my favorites, and this story has been a long time coming to the big screen!

New Date for Ondaatje's Lodger

When we last reported on it, Sony’s Stage 6 was set to release David Ondaatje’s remake of The Lodger on December 31st, though we had no idea in what theatrical capacity. As of today, however, things have changed!

RIP Bill Landis

The name Bill Landis might not be instantly recognizable to some of us, but for fans of exploitation cinema, he was truly an icon. So it is with much sadness that we pass on the news that Bill suffered a fatal heart attack yesterday.

Mutant Chronicles, 100 Feet to Sci Fi

With the minor exception of Neil Marshall’s Dog Soldiers, a film making its premiere on the Sci Fi Channel is never a good sign. So I have to say I’m concerned that Eric Red’s return to horror, 100 Feet, has been resigned to that fate.

McGee's Grimm Invades IDW

IDW announced today that April 2009 will see the first of a five-issue miniseries for American McGee’s Grimm, a comic vision of the game McGee created for Gametap.

Artist David Choe's First Toy Revealed!

Got a special someone on your list who just loves creepy stuff? LA-based artist David Choe has created something that may suit their needs quite well, especially if they also like extremely unique, limited artwork.