Trio Joins Steam Experiment

Val Kilmer, Patrick Muldoon, and Armand Assante are three men with one thing in common: They’ve all joined the cast of an indie thriller called The Steam Experiment, a new directorial project for prolific producer Philippe Martinez according to THR.

Feast 2 and Feast 2-Pack Art!

If ya missed out on Feast (review) and want to get up to speed before the sequel to John Gulager's hilarious and bloody flick hits stores on October 7th, then Amazon has a deal for your.

Cassella's Sacred Trailer

Don't go messing around in the Florida swamps. Trust me here; I've got a bullet in my leg and gator bite marks to prove it's just a bad idea. Though ... I would risk it all again if it guaranteed a supernatural experience.

Smith's Red State Still Looking for Cash

It’s been a long time since there’s been any movement on Kevin Smith’s first foray into horror, Red State and for a while there we began to think maybe the project was DOA.

Clip From J.T. Petty's The Burrowers!

J.T. Petty’s Old West monster movie, The Burrowers, premieres tonight at the Toronto International Film Festival, and damn I wish I could be there for it. I’ve been looking forward to this flick since the moment it was announced!

Clip From Child's Play: 20th Birthday Edition!

Child’s Play: 20th Birthday Edition (review) hits DVD today, and if you’re still on the fence about getting it, maybe this clip from one of the DVD's special features will help? It better, sucker; we went through a lot to get this for you!

Dead Space Approaching Faster Than Expected

Just a quick update on what is looking like one of the best horror titles this generation. Shack News reports that Dead Space has seen its release pushed up into mid-October. Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 gamers can expect to get their hands on it on October 14th now with PC owners having to wait a few days for an October 20th release.

Project Origin Adds F.E.A.R.

F.E.A.R. (review) was a great game, and its sequel, Project Origin, has been looking as if it would be a great game also, even if it’s been pushed back to next year. However, the rights to the game have always been a bit of a muddle.

Hellboy II DVD Details!

Finally, news on the Hellboy II: The Golden Army DVD has come out, though it seems like it was just the other day we were raving about our first time seeing it.

Report From the Minions of Ka Dragon*Con Debut!

"Challenge is a dragon with a gift in its mouth ... Tame the dragon and the gift is yours." - Noela Evans

Miss Horrorfest Contest is Back!

I know we mentioned this in a previous Horrorfest story, but since this is yet another excuse for you to go check out hot women screaming, it bears repeating: The time has come to start the search for Miss Horrrorfest 2008!

Producer Gives Alice Update

All you fans out there who’ve been anxiously awaiting more news on the forever-in-development adaptation of American McGee’s Alice videogame can finally rest easy; it ain't happening.

Fantastic Fest Goes Online!

Those guys running Fantastic Fest down in Austin, TX sure are nice to their fans and know what they need to do to get more. That’s why they’ve announced a partnership with AMD and Bside to provide those who can’t make it to Fantastic Fest a chance to see some great films from the comfort of their own home!

DeLuca Finds The Thirteenth Hour

Mike DeLuca, former president of production at New Line, is returning to the scaled-down label to produce an adaptation of the forthcoming time-travel thriller The Thirteenth Hour, written by Richard Doetsch, according to this morning’s Variety.

Dead Fury: Making Cartoon Guts Spill

In Dead Fury, BlackArro Productions' latest 82-minute horror-gore-cartoon, a zombie-demon gets its head blasted apart from a slew of shotgun pellets, bloodshed and brains spreading into the air. Max, the hero of the story, rushes in with his pick axe, tearing off its legs, ripping out its guts, and slicing the fallen corpse into pieces.