After Dark Horrorfest III Revised Dates

We've been keeping close tabs on the 8 Films to Die For that will be playing during the upcoming After Dark Horrorfest III, and today we got the news that the dates of the fest have shifted slightly to January 9-15, 2009.

Saw Maze Opening in California!

Jeff Schiefelbein's DarkSide Studios is launching an all-out assault on Halloween with the Saw franchise as their ammo. The studio has created a 10,000 square foot attraction where attendees are given the chance to put their lives in the bloody hands of Jigsaw.

Igor Game & Toy News

For those of you looking forward to tomorrow’s woefully under-publicized opening of the animated monster movie Igor, we’ve learned of a few bits that’ll be of interest to you...

The Devil's Muse Double-Disc Details

One new movie I haven't heard much about until now is Ramzi Abed's The Devil's Muse, but that's all about to change. On September 30th Halo-8 Entertainment is releasing a deluxe two-disc set of the film.

"Criticized" Helmer Goes "Horribly Slow"

For those of you who either didn’t read my Seed DVD review or did and just couldn’t help yourselves anyway, chances are you’ve seen the short film that came as part of the DVD package, Richard Gale’s “Criticized”. Not a bad little short, if a bit heavy-handed, but it showcased a filmmaker with promise.

Amityville Goes Online?

Why anyone would want to sequelize the abysmal remake of The Amityville Horror (review) is beyond me, but at least it seems like those in charge are taking a page from the endless sequels to the original film and going the route of ridiculousness.

Behind the Scenes of Tony Moran's Return, Beg!

We just got word about a new horror film shooting in my neck of the woods, specifically the Boston area, that brings the original Michael Myers back to the screen along with some very recognizable faces.

Carrie Fisher Joins Sorority Row?

I’ve really been trying to avoid any and all mention of Sorority Row, the remake of the little-seen 1983 slasher House on Sorority Row, but this casting news is just too strange not to mention.

Alcalde to Direct Who Can Kill a Child Remake

Sometimes it is just a better idea to stay on the mainland. If you're new to a certain area, don't go gallivanting off with your spouse to some mysterious island or cornfield where adults are strangely absent. It never bodes well.

The Official Repo! One-Sheet!

Despite Repo! The Genetic Opera's sad theatrical fate, Darren Bousman is pushing on, and we encourage you to do the same and show your support.

H.P. Lovecraft Film Fest Announces Lineup

Lurker Films sent out a press release today outlining the guests and some of the movies that will be a part of the upcoming H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival and CthulhuCon in Portland, Oregon. Their Author Guest of Honor is Brian Lumley (The House of Cthulhu), and Mike Mignola is the Artist Guest of Honor.

Exclusive: Brett Ratner Considering Conan?

While this may not be horror in the strictest sense, sometimes some news comes along that just makes your stomach turn and you have to get it out there.

Jack Brooks Slays Fantastic Fest!

When I first heard about Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer (review), I thought the film was going to be about a psychopath hunting down the likes of Rosie O'Donnell or Ulli Lommel. My mistake, but Jon Knautz did something neither of those two could do: entertain!

Saw V's Pit & the Pendulum Clip Now Online!

Remember the Saw V clip we described during this year's Comic-Con? It is now available for all to see, if you're old enough.

Season Two of True Blood Confirmed

Not even three episodes in, and HBO is apparently already very happy with the latest creation from “Six Feet Under” creator Alan Ball, “True Blood”, as they just sent out a press release announcing that the show’s been signed on for a second season!