Lost Boys 2 Trailer is Legend

If you've got your heart set on picking up the DVD of I Am Legend (review) today, then you're going to get a little surprise inside. No, they didn't totally remake the film to actually resemble the amazing book it is based off of. Instead, viewers will be treated to the following trailer for Lost Boys: The Tribe. Check it out below!

Quarantine Gets Viral

October 17th may seem like a long time away, but at least John Dowdle's remake of REC (review), titled Quarantine is revving its engine with some viral marketing (“Diary and Quarantine Release Dates!” – November 2007). YouTube video blogger named Eric has released an interesting video shot outside a building that has been roped off. Check it out below.

Horrorfind Weekend Studies Women

Women are scary creatures. I live with one and sleep with a live hand grenade ... just in case. You never know when they're going to snap. Then again, that sort of danger is a turn-on.

Halloween Cancelled for Igor?

I am not sure if it was ever officially confirmed for a Halloween release date, but logically the CGI film Igor would do best with an October home. Makes sense, right? No, you're wrong! The Weinstein Company has decided that the story of the little lab assistant with big dreams would do better in September. Why? Who knows?

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern's Undead Trailer

Jordan Galland's Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Undead is moving on the fast track now!

*UPDATE* New Tribeca Screams for 2008!

From April 23rd to May 4th the Tribeca Film Festival once again takes hold of New York City, presenting films from across the globe in a wide range of flavors to suit every taste. Of course, you of the greatest of taste are on Dread Central, so you bark back, “Hey, Nomad!

Mary Hatchet Had a Trailer ...

... and blood was sure to flow. OK, so I suck as a poet. Whatever. The good news is that a trailer for the upcoming Indie flick, Blood Night: The Legend of Mary Hatchet has hit YouTube, so come on in and check out the goodies below! Thanks to reader Hunter Lurie for the tip! We may have to give you a job!

Regal Theatres Grow Some Nuts

According to The Hollywood Reporter, one of the largest theatre chains out there have finally realized that film audiences aren't just made up of little kids in Shrek t-shirts!

Exclusive: New Black Devil Doll Trailer

The lovable sickos at Rotten Cotton have been causing quite a stir with their film, Black Devil Doll, and to keep the momentum going they've released three new trailers!

Cloverfield DVD Date, Art, Specs!

Love it or hate it; curse its name until you’re blue in the face or sing its praises from the mountaintop, Cloverfield (review) ain’t done with us just yet; we still have to talk about the DVD until you’re sick of hearing about it!

DVD Releases: To Die For

Death will find you relaxing in front of the TV if you're not careful come Tuesday, March 18th, 2008...

Saw V, Tell-Tale & More Casting News

There’s really nothing I find more annoying than trying to make a full news story out of a casting announcement, especially if it’s for just one person. So, being somewhat lazy this morning, I thought I’d put ‘em all into one story for ya.

Uni Develops R.I.P.D.

Over the weekend it was announced that Dark Horse Comics, the indie label responsible for everything from Hellboy to The Mask, has signed an exclusive three-year production and distribution deal. One of the first titles being worked on is R.I.P.D., the comic created by Peter Lenkov, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Shutter Roundtable: Rachael Taylor & Joshua Jackson

The next Asian remake to hit the States this week will be Shutter, a film that examines the phenomenon of spirit photography with some potentially frightening results.

Exclusive: New Beyond the Rave Trailer!

Check it out, ladies and gents: Dread Central has the exclusive first look at the new trailer for the first Hammer film in over two decades, Beyond the Rave!